Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The 4th of July is known as Independence Day which inspired this post. Webster’s Dictionary describes Independent as “Not dependent and Not subject to the control of others, free, self supporting.” Think about this, we are unique, there is only one person in this world like us; there is nothing to compare ourselves with except ourselves. We are not only unique, we are our own creation. We chose our parents so we could choose what parts of them we wanted to use for our purpose of this life, our selectivity of their DNA. We then used their feelings;their emotional expressions to create our own belief system. We used their ideas of life in our own way. We created our doubts, fears and self imposed limitations as our spiritual challenge to find the value of. We never created anything we didn’t want as a challenge and we never created anything that we can’t handle. No one can make the positive changes that are always available or fix a negative habit we have been feeling a victim to but us. From the beginning its been our movie, our spiritual challenge, our opportunity to make as much light as possible by choosing to be positive or to suffer in the darkness of self denial, low self esteem. To see our life as a self imposed challenge and to choose to take advantage of our power to transform darkness into the light of conscious awareness is totally up to us. This is an energy game, how are we choosing to play our role? it doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else it’s our movie. What do you really want? Make a decision and then, JUST DO IT, have a Happy Independent Life, it’s up to you.

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