Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work for us when we want to create something we may be visualizing (in case this is our experience) Why does it become difficult to deal with self improvement? (in case that is our experience) Why do I struggle to be positive? (in case this is my difficulty) Why do I seem to feel so unimportant as often as I do? (in case this is your feeling) Why do I continually judge and compare my life to what I think that others do or have better than me? (in case you are) The reason is universal, it’s because of your belief system. For reasons of your own, as a young child, you felt that you weren’t good enough, so you decided that you weren’t worthy of getting the things you wanted, the way you wanted, so you created a degree of self denial, that may still be a limiting sub-conscious belief. 
As long as there may be any sub-conscious doubts or fears of self value we rain on our own parade and live in self created limitation. When we change our belief system, we change our life. The following cancelling from PAO explains our truth.
The Future is Yours to Create ~ Part II
When you transmute, transform and lift the limited aspects of your consciousness back into the Love and Light of God, you are creating an ascension pathway that has the power to move the whole of your being back into the consciousness of your already-ascended Presence. Living as your Presence means creating your life and your future out of the Love and Light of God that was originally seeded within your heart. Only the spiritual essence of this Divine Love has the power to support you in living as your Presence on the physical plane. This is the glorious opportunity that is now before you.

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