Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Our friends from outer space are going to land and invite us to share their advanced wisdom with us. After all being able to visit us from far away planets means that they must know a lot of other things that would be of great value to us in this period of our transformation. They have been hanging around and haven’t  decided to land yet because of so much doubt and by a lot of us about their intention. They aren’t after anything from us they just want to help our progress. They have gone through the same type of changes that we are going through and understand that our transition is a positive influence on the entire universe and want to be of assistance. The time of their contact is close so think positive about their purpose and prepare to welcome them. Here is a channeling about our friends from beyond.
By Colleen/Galactic Heart
Many scholars have attempted to discover the inner meanings of what this thing we call civilization is really based on. What we all know in our hearts is that we are a starseed society, founded as part of a divine plan that has led us down a side road for many, many millennia. Now, we have been put on a detour that will take us back to the main highway and permit us to see our true place in the galaxy. Our time of quarantine is over. This divine plan is being unraveled before us in a most incredible and wise way. Each step has a meaning that exists on many levels at once. Every move is designed to impress each of us toward one wonderful goal ~ our collective ascension.
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Quantum biology states that the energy of thought can alter body cells, change metabolism, and most importantly, transform RNA/DNA. Consciousness can now be scientifically seen to create changes in our physical reality both on the inner and outer. First Contact is a spiritual event. No one will be the same after the mass landings because it will change your perspective on everything. First Contact catapults us into a new reality…reunion with our spiritual and galactic families. Our new galactic society is based on Unity, cooperation and Love. First Contact is supervised by the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchies.

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