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What is GOD to you? Is God an old man with a long white beard? Is God male or female? Is God a Divine judge of our actions who punishes us with something we call BAD karma? Is God our savior? or is God the name we have given Conscious Awareness? Are we a part of or an extension of what ever we may believe God is or isn’t? Is the Divine Matrix, the energy that Quantum Physics has discovered that every thing in existence is created from, what we call God? What ever God may be or mean to you, it must be the Divine Matrix aware of its self, Conscious Awareness. If that is true then we must be a part or a particle of God. God, the Divine Matrix, the energy that we are a part of is all knowing all powerful, eternal. Therefore our human-ness is a temporary expression of our inner God. If all of that is true (which it is) why aren’t feeling and acting more Godly more Divinely? Think about it perhaps you may decide to understand and accept what you really are instead of what you believe or think you are. Here is a channeling to consider as an inspiration to JUST DO IT ! Why not?
Ascended Master Saint Germain & the Councils of Shamballa
To manifest a life that will support you living in Unity Consciousness, you must first create a strong alignment with your God Presence. You can greatly assist in strengthening this relationship by taking a few minutes every morning to ask your Presence questions such as: Why am I here? What am I really living for? What is of ultimate significance? What do I need to do to align with my Presence more fully? Ask these questions from the depth of your whole being as if your life depended on it.
What can you do to align more fully with the Crystalline Blueprint that is presently sustaining the evolutionary patterns designed to lift your Earth and all life upon her into a totally new dimension and a new way of living and loving on your planet? What can you do to be a vessel for the greater intelligence and power that is behind the creation of this Blueprint? Then ask: Is there anything in the way of you fully surrendering and moving into partnership with the creative forces of the Cosmos?
Even if you really want to surrender to the Divine and to be an active agent for evolution, your ego may possibly feel threatened because it is programmed to maintain control so your life can be kept small and manageable. The ego is simply doing its job, yet if you really want to change, you have to expand into who you truly are as your Presence and what you have come to do with this very important lifetime. Are you doing everything you can to live the deepest truth you know? Are you living your higher purpose?
When You as your soul agrees to lift the limited human aspects of your being into your already-ascended Presence, energetic re-alignments will start taking place within the whole of your being. Every atom within your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies will begin taking on its original encoding from Source so you can become a much more conscious co-creator with Source. This will assist you in being more instrumental in moving your world out of bondage and into freedom and these actions will greatly expand your co-creative potential to manifest a new Golden Age.
You are now being invited to actually embody the very power you have surrendered to so you can be a true manifestation of a Golden Age wayshower and a powerful emissary for expanding the evolutionary potential of humanity. This involves not only your willingness to surrender to God as the Presence of the Creator within you, but also to take full responsibility for manifesting and creating as your Presence on the physical plane.
Get to know your Presence so intimately that it becomes a part of your ever-present awareness and all of your everyday creations, whether they are physical or mental. You may also choose to keep diving deeper into your heart to create an increasingly more personal relationship with your Presence in the same way that you would create a relationship with a physical plane beloved, only your Presence is your life’s most significant partner.
You are being invited to become more involved in the evolutionary journey of all life on your planet than you have in the past. There is a universal calling that is urging you to participate in the greatest awakening your planet has ever experienced. This is the long-awaited great awakening. Your every step can be guided by your Presence and as enough of you master doing this, you will have all you need to create a new Golden Age and to live on Earth in Unity Consciousness.
Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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