Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Many of us have increased our conscious awareness, raised our vibration, improved our lives because we chose to do so and worked at it. We proved to ourselves that it’s really up to us and we can and did accomplish changes in our lives. We transformed old negative limiting habits into productive expression because we chose to do so. We believed that we could, we worked at it and found that it can be as simple as choosing to think positive and taking the response-abilty 
to identify old limiting habits and replacing them with a positive expression. Those of us that chose to use “I don’t do that any more! I AM Feeling Good!” found out that it really works are using it more and more because we like feeling good. Now it’s time to share our success with other people and encourage them to check it out. We can inspire them to join the ‘It’s time to lighten up group that we are now a part of it’s important to share. Here is a sugjestion from Saul to consider.
Many of you have acted as guides and mentors for others and have learnt that very often all that is required is that you allow the person to talk while you listen silently and intently while maintaining eye contact. Frequently it is enough for someone to know that they have been heard. When you listen attentively to another they can feel it, it allows them to relax, their stress levels fall, and then their own inner guidance, their intuition, their higher selves or spiritual guides can get through to them.
You have seen this many times and have yourselves assisted others in this manner. So why on Earth can you not acknowledge and honor that need in yourselves? Every one of you are divine and irreplaceable aspects of God, our Source, the Supreme Intelligence, and as such you are beings of infinite worth and value. Presently you are experiencing the intense sensations that the illusion provides while restricted by the severe limitations that a human body imposes on you. It is incredibly stressful, and you are very easily distracted from your spiritual path as you get caught up in the suffering and drama of this unreal environment, which almost constantly offers you the message that you are not good enough, that you are not working hard enough. Well enough already!
The way forward is to remind yourselves of who you truly are by reading and re-reading the holy works that spell this out for you. You can accept it intellectually, so do so, and then go within, when you make that essential purely personal time available, and remind yourselves of this divine truth. When you do that while in your quiet space intend once more to make it real for you, and you will, thus regaining and rejuvenating your spiritual strength that you need to complete your journey home.
Remind yourselves frequently that you are being lovingly watched over and supported in every moment, and relax into the sense, the feeling that that knowledge brings into your awareness.
With so very much love, Saul.

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