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Belief is either our best friend or your worst enemy. You are what you think, is exaggerated positively or negated, by your belief system. We actually are and the world is what we believe. We are victims to what we believe. Our belief system is developed by us before we are 7 years old in reaction to the emotions we felt in our environment from others. We reacted with instinctive survival with out the ability to reason, which we begin to develop from around 6 years old and even our reasoning is influenced by our primary belief system. Doubts, Fears and accepted limitations have become our basic and essential underlining belief of our self, our life and our world. Identifying and transforming these fundamental beliefs, which have become unconscious habitual reactions, is everyone’s task of self acceptance as is, as being a unique and purposeful person, with unlimited power and ability, capable of  creating a life of abundance and prosperity, which is everyone’s birth right. Existence doesn’t make mistakes we just need to re-focus our beliefs into 

” I AM, I Can, and I Will’  Here is a channeling to inspire us to choice to do what has always been available for our manifestation.
A Christ Message thru Susan Michelle Moll
Monday, May 19th, 2014
Beloved ones, it is a time of great rejoicing and celebration, a time when you will realize who and what you truly are and have always been.
There is an unveiling of the Truth for all to see and receive if they are open to do so.
It is a time of immense joy, and something you have waited for for a long, long time.
As the unveiling takes place, you will gradually be able to perceive with your awareness more than you were able to ever see before with your human eyes. These energies have always been there but you were unaware of their Presence most of the time!
Soon you will be able to perceive it all, and will be amazed at the beauty and wonders revealed. Tap into these unseen energies now, and begin to communicate with them on a telepathic level. Develop a relationship and become acquainted with one another first, and as you become more conscious of their Presence they will reveal themselves to you in their full glory. These beings are here to assist you during the transition of your states of awareness, and as you move into higher and higher states of consciousness, much will become clear and revealed to you.
All this will take time to digest and integrate . . . so it will be a continuous and gradual process, otherwise you would be completely and utterly overwhelmed, dumfounded, and shocked, and therefore unable to function! Your full awakening will continue to be gradual, and gently all will be revealed for you to see.
Wondrous new ways of living and being, new technologies and so much more will come into your awareness, and you will wonder why on earth you never thought of this before! You could not, because it was blocked by the veil until this time, so do not be hard on yourselves. Self love, acceptance, and forgiveness of all that has been and is, is the key.
Rejoice, Beloveds, for we are closer now than ever before.
We love you, we adore you, and begin the unveiling this day.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
Christ Yeshua
Island Of Light,

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