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The problem is never the problem, the way we feel about the problem is the real problem. We learn by increasing our emotional intelligence and transforming our doubts and fears into conscious awareness and full moons are a special time.
This month’s full moon on May 14th will be felt more profoundly than usual. Full moons are always about shedding and letting go of what’s no longer wanted. This is energy is intensified because the full moon will be in the water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio, by nature, always feels very deeply. Scorpio teaches you how to delve into the parts of yourself that you have buried so you can transform them. When you pair this with the full moon, you’ll have a very emotional day indeed!
The best way to handle this energy is by being very honest with yourself about the aspects of your life you want to change, particularly in the area of relationships. Oftentimes, we feel we are protecting other people by keeping quiet about things that are bothering us. Perhaps you want to avoid conflict or hurting other people’s feelings. By doing so, you are telling your subconscious that someone else’s happiness is more important than yours. In order to be truly happy, you must listen to your own needs first. You will ultimately find that by honoring your own well being, everybody benefits.
To harness the powerful energy of this month’s full moon do the following:
Make a list of everything you’ve been afraid to say to someone.
Write down how you really feel about a person or situation.
Take some time to connect with your intuition.
Express your feelings to others honestly and directly.
It’s time to take conscious charge of our emotions, our life and become our own master of our own life. Here is an encouragement from Kryon.
The Mantle of the Master 
From Kryon Book 10: A New Dispensation
Page 144 
Well, dear Human being, perhaps it’s time to put on the mantle of the master—the master with your name, with the layers of who you are. If you do, the genetics in your body will all listen to the mantle of the master. And when you speak to yourselves and say, “It is time for a change,” the new contract is upon you. Your cells change! They say, “We wish to be joyful and enjoy the love of Spirit. We wish to change our cellular structure, our genetic makeup. We wish to influence all that we have with our own intent, just like the masters did.” Do you understand what we are telling you? Do you understand how profound it is?
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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