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Low Self Worth


We get so attached to the idea of ‘Low Self Worth’ that we spend a big percentage of our energy proving to ourselves that we are victims to our limitations, that we think we have. We have become ‘YEAH BUTS’ resistance to positive change is our problem, others may be able to attract what they want BUT not us. We may have tried to make inner and outer changes But they never happened the way we wanted them to, in the time period we expected, so we accepted that it was because we weren’t worthy. Now we rationalize that it was because our karma (or some other silly reason) won’t allow it we are ‘Unworthy’. Abundance of everything and anything is our birth right any time we “Believe” that we are worthy and chose to create it. Existence does not make ‘Unworthy, does not make mistakes’. All it really takes from us is focused intention, Trust and Faith, and lots of visualization, seeing that we have what ever it is that we want, and NO resistance, Just do it, believe in the process and get out of the way. Perseverance and knowing that it will happen, is the way to go, if you are really interested, really care, and are ready to achieve what you really want, instead of proving to your self that your fears of being unworthy are true. No they are not, it’s just being stupid. It’s your movie, what kind do you want and what are you willing to do about it? It’s up to you, just do it.

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