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Follow your heart in all things

I just lost what I had almost posted, going on about a new day, with the same struggle, with this strange computer, that does’t want to believe that I AM who I believe That I AM. As long I maintain my determination to achieve my intention, which to post something today, I will achieve my purpose, Hi there! It seems to me that existence is checking me out to see if i practice what I preach? The challenges I’m facing are strong, unexcepted and daunting. Staying centered and pos…itive is taking a more than the average and usual amount of determination from me. So I am working with “I AM, I Can,I Will” after all things are only as difficult as I believe that they are. The Focus is ” The difficult I’ll do right now! The impossible will take a little while” The amused comment is: Cheer up things can get worse, so I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse. That maybe a joke but it often seems to be true. Existence has a way of testing us to see if we really mean it when we say, “I don’t do that anymore! I AM feeling good!” Existence at times has a strange sense of humor. To share an Osho quote ” When we can laugh at ourselves and all of the stupid things we have been doing to our selves, we are growing up.” Here is Hilarion’s weekly inspiration.

Hilarion’s Weekly Message
by Marlene Swetlishoff
May 25-June 1, 2014
 Beloved Ones,
As the energy continues to come in waves, so too, do the symptoms your bodies are experiencing. Just when you thought that you were over the worst of them, another round is started. Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that it brings lightness of heart and being as the ancient memories in your cells are brought to the surface to be addressed and released. All that is of sorrow and sadness is being eliminated and in its place comes more refined light. As those at the forefront of this movement and transformation, you are doing a wonderful job of assimilating and eliminating. The ups and downs that you have been experiencing are a part of the process. Listen to your bodies and allow rest when it is needed and for some of you, this reminds you of the story of Rip Van Winkle who wandered into the mountains and slept for twenty years. This too shall pass.
Follow your heart in all things for it is the true barometer of what is the right thing for you to do in any given moment. Many of you are going deep within to touch the core of your being and are realizing what it is that you truly desire to experience and create in your experience of life. Follow the joy that these activities bring within you and focus on that state of being. Within every moment lies the seed of infinite possibility and it is you who must nurture and allow the seed to germinate, grow and flourish in abundance. The well of creativity runs deep within you and you have but to tap into its flow. Tap into the inner child within you and feel the wonder and the magic of your life with enthusiasm. It matters not what chronological age you are at, what matters is feeling the essence of magic and wonder within you as you begin to experience the unfolding of dreams you have had for your life in an earlier time that are now coming into manifestation.
Allow yourselves to expand in your consciousness and follow the joy. It is true that many in your sphere of influence are just beginning their process of ascension into a higher consciousness and this can sometimes hold you back from moving forward as you patiently wait for greater awakening within them. Know that you must follow your passion and trust that they will follow. You must realize that being with you in their daily lives is an important part of the greater meaning of life for them. Your enthusiasm lifts up their energy and guides them along their journey. You may not realize this but as you seek the answers to your questions about the mysteries of life upon your planet, you inspire these ones with your example. You are greatly admired and emulated as a living example of a courageous person who lives according to higher principles and integrity of being.
The people on the planet are awakening in ever increasing numbers and this has an effect upon the consciousness of all. Humanity as a whole desires to cast off all that has been keeping them in the dark and want to walk the ways of the light. All that was hidden is now being exposed for everyone to reflect upon, to take what is relevant to them and cast off that which no longer has meaning. This is a never ending process of growth and expansion. The growth that has taken place within you in the last six months is wondrous to behold and we wait with bated breath to see the changes within you in the next six months. We know that each one of you would not go back to the unawakened state of being for any reason whatsoever even though it means more of your illusions about life on this planet are shattered.
As the spiritual journey unfolds in its myriad patterns, take the time to honor yourselves for stepping forward and doing the work required. Give yourselves a pat on the back and celebrate often the many accomplishments along the way, no matter how small they may seem to you. Buy yourselves fresh cut flowers often and enjoy looking at them and the beauty they provide, enrich your lives by being good to yourselves and to those wonderful beings who share your life. All is unfolding in divine timing and you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time. We thank you for your gratitude and acknowledgement of many of us for the next many weeks and we stand by to assist in every moment we are asked.

A new era is being birthed

Every little bit helps. We are light-ening up We are winning the war, between Darkness; confusion, doubts, fears, limitations, excepted negative expressions, unconscious habits, judgement’s and LIght; conscious awareness, responsibility, gratitude, appreciation, trust, faith, self acceptance with love, understanding, appreciation and non-judgmental use of our energy. Thanks to us and our efforts, Light is winning. Hooray for us, the more we do, the more we get. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that we are involved and an active part of the manifestation of a new world that we have created. Good for us and everyone else. Increased inner light is contagious. Here is some inspiration for us to keep up the good work that we are doing.
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you with a blessing! Be ever thankful for Heaven’s mercy and sublime grace. Be ever ready to serve the divine and Be in profound joy for what is transpiring across this blessed orb. Heaven instructed us to come to you and ask for your prayers and supplications for the rising of a new world. It is One that brings with it freedom and the granting of spiritual sovereignty to all. Every aspect of this reality’s physical appearance is to transform. This great set of alterations is part of a grander plan for the manifesting of a new epoch for humanity and for the unifying of Gaia’s two realms. We come as harbingers of this new epoch and say in joy that the dark who relish their power and wealth are to see this taken from them. The blessed and the humbled majority of this precious orb are to have their day. This day is to come and bring you messengers such as us to guide you. Hosanna! Hosanna!
These events are underway. Those who began this most precious journey are ready to manifest a whole series of blessed happenings. Each of these is to bring us closer to the day when we can formally appear before you. The lessons that we are to give are to permit each of you to realize what the dark espoused for millennia. These half-lies need to be seen in their true light and compared with what was said to humanity many thousands of years ago. The core of every religion is fundamentally the same. It is about Love and Light. It is about our grand spiritual union with all life. These points need to be reviewed and the true purpose behind them clearly revealed. Then and only then can one start to understand what our blessed brethren meant. In this, you can glean what you are about spiritually and see the true wonder in the Almighty’s infinite Creation.
The beauty of the current situation is that the dark is befuddled by what the Light is doing. When you appear omnipotent for so long, the ongoing events of the day seem insignificant. Nonetheless, they are not. All the deaths, lies and never ending posturing are in reality to no avail. The Light has won because Heaven’s desires are now to manifest. The dark is slowly learning that its former way of doing things is no longer appropriate. Enough people presently recognize the “writing on the wall,” and simply do not believe in what is said or done. The emperor is losing not only his clothes, but also his power. A new way is aborning. This way is to bring in truth, freedom and personal sovereignty for all. This way is to reunite us with all humanity and permit us to bask in the wonders contained within.
Today, we went over what is happening across the globe. A new era is being birthed. It is one filled with joy and the realization that your amazing talents can at last be fully known to you and to all. It is time to watch this manifest and see just how magnificent all of this can be! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

BELIEF is either our best friend or your worst enemy

Belief is either our best friend or your worst enemy. You are what you think, is exaggerated positively or negated, by your belief system. We actually are and the world is what we believe. We are victims to what we believe. Our belief system is developed by us before we are 7 years old in reaction to the emotions we felt in our environment from others. We reacted with instinctive survival with out the ability to reason, which we begin to develop from around 6 years old and even our reasoning is influenced by our primary belief system. Doubts, Fears and accepted limitations have become our basic and essential underlining belief of our self, our life and our world. Identifying and transforming these fundamental beliefs, which have become unconscious habitual reactions, is everyone’s task of self acceptance as is, as being a unique and purposeful person, with unlimited power and ability, capable of  creating a life of abundance and prosperity, which is everyone’s birth right. Existence doesn’t make mistakes we just need to re-focus our beliefs into 

” I AM, I Can, and I Will’  Here is a channeling to inspire us to choice to do what has always been available for our manifestation.
A Christ Message thru Susan Michelle Moll
Monday, May 19th, 2014
Beloved ones, it is a time of great rejoicing and celebration, a time when you will realize who and what you truly are and have always been.
There is an unveiling of the Truth for all to see and receive if they are open to do so.
It is a time of immense joy, and something you have waited for for a long, long time.
As the unveiling takes place, you will gradually be able to perceive with your awareness more than you were able to ever see before with your human eyes. These energies have always been there but you were unaware of their Presence most of the time!
Soon you will be able to perceive it all, and will be amazed at the beauty and wonders revealed. Tap into these unseen energies now, and begin to communicate with them on a telepathic level. Develop a relationship and become acquainted with one another first, and as you become more conscious of their Presence they will reveal themselves to you in their full glory. These beings are here to assist you during the transition of your states of awareness, and as you move into higher and higher states of consciousness, much will become clear and revealed to you.
All this will take time to digest and integrate . . . so it will be a continuous and gradual process, otherwise you would be completely and utterly overwhelmed, dumfounded, and shocked, and therefore unable to function! Your full awakening will continue to be gradual, and gently all will be revealed for you to see.
Wondrous new ways of living and being, new technologies and so much more will come into your awareness, and you will wonder why on earth you never thought of this before! You could not, because it was blocked by the veil until this time, so do not be hard on yourselves. Self love, acceptance, and forgiveness of all that has been and is, is the key.
Rejoice, Beloveds, for we are closer now than ever before.
We love you, we adore you, and begin the unveiling this day.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
Christ Yeshua
Island Of Light,

Our Brain can solve all problems very simply

Our brain has major problems with simplicity.Things aren’t supposed to be simple, according to our brain they are difficult and quite often extremely difficult, that’s why we may think we have a brain, to solve our problems and protect us from the pitfalls of our life. What if we saw problems as opportunities to develop wisdom and growth, as gifts of expansion of conscious awareness, situations that will make us stronger. What if we chose these opportunities as our spiritual challenges, to find the values contained in these interesting challenges? Experiences we chose as our stepping stones to self awareness. Would that make a positive difference in your life? I know it has in mine. Here is our weekly message from Hilarion for encouragement.
Hilarion’s Weekly Message
by Marlene Swetlishoff ~ May 18-25, 2014
Be steadfast in your devotion to the highest outcomes for all so that your brothers and sisters can feel empowered as they meet the challenges that beset them.
Beloved Ones,
The changes taking place throughout the world are doing so at an accelerated pace. The weather extremes are affecting many people throughout the world and it is becoming clear that humanity must work together to bring assistance and resources to these affected areas and to look for solutions to these problems. The signs are clear that cooperation and good will are much needed in order for humanity to overcome these major challenges. Many people are being tested in the challenges they are being compelled to go through in their personal lives. This is a time to go within to the deepest and most spiritual connection that each individual can align with. This is the focus and the higher purpose of the tests and challenges currently being experienced. It is incumbent upon all people to employ the greatest force in the universe, the force and power of love.
It is during turbulent times that the power of faith and compassion comes into play within people’s hearts and this is what is needed during these times. The light within must be kept radiant and constant. Those who have been walking the spiritual path of maintaining and increasing the light quotient upon the planet are now being called into active service. By this we mean that each of you is asked to maintain your vision of the new Earth reality and a better way for humankind. Do not be distracted by the seeming appearances of chaos in all parts of the world, for it is during these times that the higher vision must remain constant in people’s focus and prayers. Your light is much needed and required. As you maintain and increase your own light, we of the higher dimensions magnify this light to help maintain stability and balance. We work together during these times of world transformation and transmutation.
There is a saying upon your world, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” which means when the situation becomes difficult, the strong will work harder to meet the challenge, they do not give up, they maintain the higher vision and actively work towards it. Those of you who have already been tested are now in a position of giving hope and upliftment to a planet in the throes of extreme and accelerated change. You have many tools at your disposal and you must now employ all of them to keep your light shining bright. Maintain equilibrium and a detached perspective in the daily reports coming through your communication networks. Look for and affirm the highest outcomes in all situations that come before your awareness and work the plan, the Divine plan that you have come to bring into manifestation upon this world.
Be steadfast in your devotion to the highest outcomes for all so that your brothers and sisters can feel empowered as they meet the challenges that beset them. Use all of your God qualities as you serve the higher purpose. There is always a higher solution to every problem that comes before humanity and these higher qualities of a self realized human can bring the hope that is sorely needed by those who feel lost and alone in their struggles. Let them know that all is not lost, that at their core they are intact and as long as they remain centered in the truth of their alignment to the divine, all is well in the outer happenings that are occurring with increasing regularity. Be a shining example as a loving goodwill ambassador. If you are able, give practical and capable assistance to those in your sphere of influence.
Riding the waves of change can be exhilarating and exciting when an individual rests in the knowledge that at their core they are indestructible and inviolate. Know that you, the lightworkers of the world, are an indomitable force for good and stay true to this oneness of purpose. It requires dedication and persistence from each of you now. BE the greater light upon your planet during each and every moment. You have what it takes, each one of you.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

Our Outer Space friends

I want to share my understanding of our outer space friends, the so called aliens, which are really our true relatives. Media uses the idea of people from other planets as being a threat to us and our world when in fact they are our best friends. We are going through an energy change that is effecting the entire universe. The UFO’S that are coming here wish to assist us in our progress, share advantages they have learned, by their going through, what we are going through and want to share their wisdom with us. Their only waiting until they feel we are receptive to their arrival and willing to take advantage of what they have to offer. We need to let go of our fears and choose to be grateful for all of the help that’d available. Here is a channeling to encourage our acceptance of their assistance. 

We are guardians of a lifeline that has survived the vile machinations of the dark and its minions. Look at what you accomplished and cheer! Many more events are underway that are to manifest and transform this reality into Light. You are blessed for coming lifetime after lifetime into this abyss and using your divine grace to enhance the good and prevent any major triumphs by the dark. You are now riding down a path that is filled with the last stand of numerous dark ones who have to recant and proclaim the inevitable. As this happens, a grand Light that surrounds this realm grows brighter. Love infused from Heaven’s myriad blessings likewise descends deeper into the Earth plane. The healing of this realm has indeed begun in earnest. A new sacred way is opening as the dark starts at long last to let go of its grip.

Our divine mission from the start has been to bless this realm and aid its peoples as they begin to grow and become aware again of the power of the Light. Many souls have reached a supreme state of grace and become one with Heaven. We stand as Masters of this miraculous transformation given to each of us when we proved worthy of this grand accolade. We serve only to ease your pain and to prepare you now for a most wondrous dispensation granted to you by the Almighty. One cannot exaggerate the nature of this dispensation and how you are being readied for a most incredible journey. Full consciousness is a state in which the spiritual combines fully with the physical. In this magical moment, you are healed of all things and become a full member of Heaven’s army. You are in divine service and see the world in a whole new Light!

Today, we carried on with our mission to inform you about what is occurring and prepare you for the rise of a whole new reality. In this realm, you are to meet your ancestors and “break bread” with the entirety of galactic humanity! In short, you are to end your journey and begin anew with your fellows. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

How do we feel about ourselves?

The #1 problem with most of us is our idea of our relationships. I’m not  talking about just relationships with another person, but with everything, our work, our money, our experiences, our wants, our don’t wants, our love life, our bodies, our over all personal encounters with our life. We generally feel that we have little or no control over what happens in our life, we are pretty much a victim to our inner and outer ideas of life and its circumstances. We have forgotten that life is a spiritual challenge to find the value of it and all of it’s adventures. There is a simple, easy and effective solution to all of the above reactions. (in case you accept that you have any of what I’m talking about) the cure or the way to change it all, is your relationship with yourself, when you are O.K. just as you are and understand your true value, you will then recognize the value of everything. Until we learn to love, appreciate and respect our self, we are victims of judgment and beggars for respect. It all depends on the way we feel about ourselves. We are the key to our own happiness. Here is a long Challenging from Saul  to emphasize my point.
Message from Saul
by John Smallman
Turn towards the Light which will never reject you.
All are One. You all know that, you accept it as a basic fact or concept, and then you dismiss it from your minds as you go about your daily affairs. But you need to make it a part of yourselves, an aspect of yourselves that you carry in your conscious awareness at all times, otherwise it remains as meaningless to you as any field of study of which you have only vague knowledge and that holds no interest for you; an idea that is unimportant and is therefore readily dismissed and forgotten.
The fact that all are One is an aspect of Reality that you cannot afford to dismiss off-handedly, and as of no interest, while you go about your daily routines. Awareness of it needs to be an important and distinctive characteristic of your personal field of sentient consciousness. If you shut it out of your awareness then you are putting yourselves on auto-pilot, allowing your egos to rule your attitudes and behaviors, as the real You, the eternal part that is One with Source takes a nap. Then later, maybe, it becomes apparent that something strange has happened and you find yourself struggling with issues and conflicts that are quite disturbing, and wondering what could have caused them.
Then ego suggests to you that nothing untoward has happened that it cannot cope with on your behalf, so you bury the cares that disturbed you in your unconscious, that vast dump where so much junk, gathered and disposed of over the years, festers and grows rancid. But eventually that junk dump is going to make its presence felt, and you will have to deal with it. In fact for many of you now, all that buried and denied garbage is blasting its way into your awareness causing you considerable discomfort.
When you find yourselves experiencing long forgotten painful memories just allow them to flow, like the weather they will pass, do not judge them or yourselves, but if you find yourselves unable to resist doing so, then forgive yourselves afterwards. Remind yourselves yet again that the environment that you appear to inhabit is illusory, as are all the pain, sufferings, conflicts, and betrayals. You are, and always will be, the beloved children of God created perfect – not your bodies which are basically ego-driven vehicles in which you are riding – and therefore remaining eternally perfect. Those memories, however painful, are part of the games of separation that you have been playing, and are unreal. When you awaken they will be gone.
However, while you remain within the illusory world of distrust, suffering, and betrayal, forgiveness is your steadfast and constant ally. Practice it, become adept. Your ego’s shrill protests that you either need to feel intense guilt for what you have done, or that you need to be recognized and compensated for wrongs done to you are distractions that attempt to divert you from your path to awakening. Reality is a state in which only Love is present, and by forgiving you divest yourselves of all that is in opposition to It, of all the judgments and anxieties to which you are clinging in fear and anger, thus clearing your hearts so that Love may enter.
When ancient issues, long since buried and only faintly remembered, seem to overwhelm you remind yourselves that they are coming up for release, and not as a punishment for bad behavior to fill you with guilt. Feelings of unworthiness, for instance, that you use as a cloak or veil under which to hide because you believe that Love, God, your Father would reject or shame you if you entered into His presence. Ask your friends in the spiritual realms – whoever is your favorite saint, angel, guide, or mentor – to help you to feel the field of Love in which you are eternally held safe and secure. When you ask for this, when you seek to know that you are dearly loved, you release some of the blocks to Love and allow It to flow through you once again bringing you peace and certainty of your divine connection. It is a bit like aerating stagnant water to refresh and revitalize it. However, allowing Love to flow through your hearts, even if only temporarily as you take a break from your feelings of guilt and unworthiness, is far more uplifting and invigorating.
The distractions of the illusion consistently draw your attention to all that is unloving – distrust, deceit, corruption, hardship, etc. – and when you focus there fear and helplessness can easily overwhelm you. But you are coming Home, you are going to awaken into Reality; it is inevitable, unavoidable, and for that give thanks, and then focus your attention there, tell yourself: “I am going to awaken!” Deep within yourself you do know this, so to reaffirm it is a most valuable exercise in preparation for this inevitable, imminent, and awesome event.
You are dearly loved, you always have been, and you always will be. However, momentarily, the truth of that eludes you, and so we in the spiritual realms are constantly reminding you, bringing that truth back into your awareness through myriad channeled messages, and by giving you a loving squeeze when you make contact with us during your periods of prayer, contemplation, or meditation.
You have not been abandoned, left alone, forgotten. That could never happen. But you have allowed yourselves to become very deeply immersed in the unreal and nightmarish world of the illusion, and it is from that you are to awaken. Forgiveness is an essential part of your awakening process because it frees you of the guilt and shame with which you have so heavily burdened yourselves, giving you the courage and the desire to turn towards the Light instead of feeling afraid of it and turning away to avoid rejection.
Fear of rejection is a major aspect of the illusion with which many of you are dealing almost constantly, and within the illusion you do experience it. However, like all aspects of the illusion it is unreal! You are all divine beings eternally and infinitely loved and embraced by God, and that can never change. So turn towards the Light which will never reject you, wake up, and rejoice in the wonder of knowing yourselves once more as you truly are.
With so very much love, Saul.

Visualize your dreams

We all want more, more health,more wealth, more happiness, more love, more understanding, more awareness, more of the good things of life. We all can have as much of the good things that we believe we can have. The first step is to visualize how much of those things that we want as being ours and that we all ready have them. Now add your senses, feel them, imagine the positive changes they are  adding to your life, visualize your friends congratulating you on the positive changes you have made. Be thrilled that you are this new person with all of these wonderful accomplishments. Don’t allow your self any doubts at all, you must stay focused on the your new possessions, any disbelief will destroy your vision. Do not be impatient. A good help is a vision board with pictures of your accomplishment. Abundance is our birth right we just haven’t claimed it. This takes focused intention. Here is an inspiration of things that are happening and close to manifestation in case you are interested.  
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We bless and praise Heaven for all its glories and wisdom. The moment for a grand celebration has come. Our beloved associates are finishing off a most marvelous set of enterprises that are to terminate the power and the lies of the dark ones and their endless minions who seem to be ready to delay our sacred tasks. Heaven and her emissaries arrive. The dark is now to allow all that has been given us to appear. The Light is indeed triumphant! The path to Truth, Prosperity and Redemption is at hand. This path is to lead you first to facts and realities that set the table for the arrival of our space and spiritual families! Their arrival is to signal that it is time to begin to learn and understand the wonders inherent in full consciousness. We accept you as our enthusiastic children. There is much to learn, do and understand in this new and divine dimension!
We are all to live in a world filled with the essence of Heaven and cloaked in the joy that comes from Oneness with the Creator! You are to experience rapture and feel your Soul filled with the celestial and cleansing music of Love and of Light! Here you are in bliss and you use this to unfold the divine plan in the various physical realms. This is ahead for you. We as an Ascended collective are here to help you through the first moments of this endless glory. Long ago, we began to pass through the spiritual veil and rediscover exactly what full consciousness was about. We know much. Yet, we understand that full knowledge of this realm takes more than a moment to master. It takes lifetimes that are each literally more than a millennia in length. Together, we are to take our joint knowledge and produce a new star nation.
As you pass through the limitations of your current life and reach the infinite, you change. You become one that has moved beyond the ways of this present world and learned what Heaven desires from us all. In this light, you can see what is needed and what needs to be sloughed off by you. You are to learn why you are here and what is expected of you. Your life contract becomes visible to you, as does all the contents of your personal Akashic records. You become able to converse easily with your spiritual guides and discover those who can advise you in the physical. This revelation opens up a torrent of wisdom, and gives you a guide as to how best to live your life and aid your fellows. You are able to accept new responsibilities and learn how to forge a true society based upon your abilities and those of others. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Today, we further explored the wonderful events of the day. We examined the changes taking place and discovered where they are leading. The long awaited point of joy is nigh! Soon, the full extent of this is to manifest! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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