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New Age

The New Age is here is expressed by many people in many ways with different interpretations. The key word is NEW. New means something different than what we know or think we know. Having an idea of the unknown is interesting and fun to imagine but it’s still a guess. The one thing we can all accept and depend on is an  increase in energy and conscious awareness More is more, the more energy the more changes will be created and the opportunity to create more conscious awareness will continue to be available.The sensible approach is simple, go with the flow, pay attention, choose to make positive choices in the way we use this stronger energy more consciously, and become wiser and stronger from our choices. We may not know what’s going to happen, but we can certainly be interested in finding the advantage in the new what ever. here is a short comment from Kryon about Demystifying the New Age.
Each day when you awaken, wouldn’t it be nice to take the hand of God and walk through life that day with profound balance and wisdom? That is the New Age belief. That is esoteric belief – getting in touch with the God that is in you.
The masters of Earth all spoke of the God inside, all of them. The New Age belief system teaches that all of the masters were valid and were here to give that message, and not necessarily to be worshipped. They didn’t isolate themselves or ask to be worshipped or build a church around themselves. So there is no evangelistic thrust in the New Age. None. If you find somebody who is trying to tell you they are right and you are wrong, then they are not New Age. Instead, that person probably has something of their own they’ve put in a box of their own and are enlisting your membership. They are not the esoteric belief that we’re speaking of.
Getting in touch with your Higher-Self will create balance within you and will also help you with others. The Higher-Self is the key. There is a benevolent system that loves you and sees you as you see your children. That is because when you come into this planet, you disengage from us. That’s your free will, and you are specialists in this.
Oh, I can’t imagine it! I would weep as a piece of God to think that I would be separated from myself and I wouldn’t know who I was. Oh my God! What a task – yet you do it so freely and so easily, and for so long. Now you know why I am so enamored with you, and here you are at the cusp of a revolution of energy.

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