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Manifest a new life

Because these times are so valuable and our involvement so crucial, we need to make a special effort to take advantage of the possibilities that are available. A good way to do this is to take some time to think about two things. First what we really want to manifest in our life and write it down, make a list. Second make another list in a column next to the first one, of all the things we are eliminating in our life, the specific doubts, fears, limitations, reoccurring negative habits etc. Now put the list somewhere we can see it many times a day, like on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator door. As we feel we have achieved the good, circle it or underline it, when we feel we have eliminated the negative ones, draw a line through it. We need to constantly remind ourselves of both of these because we are creatures of habit and it takes focused intention to replace old, no longer wanted habits, with new desired habits. Here is a message from the Angles for inspiration.
By Ann Albers
Miracles Happen When You Trust
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
When you trust your heart and trust life, absolute miracles can be accomplished. The impossible suddenly becomes possible. Seemingly daunting tasks flow with grace and ease. In fact, you are designed to express the love of the creator as it flow through you. To the degree you are willing, you can allow this love to take over and create your lives, accomplish your projects and find solutions where you think there are none. With God all things are possible.
So when you embark on an inspired project, whether it be cleaning out a closet, eating healthier, trying new hobbies, taking a class, or staring a new business or relationship, trust that although you may not know how to make things work, God does. Although you might not know the next step, love always does. Although you may not know the exact outcome, you can trust that it will be exactly what your soul needs to learn and grow.
So when inspiration motivates you to walk down a new path, take that first step, and then the next, and the very next, and so on, until you are no longer inspired. For it is through joy, inspiration, and passion that God’s love beckons you to grow. A flower is not inspired to blossom through pain, but rather by the warmth and light of the sun. So too you are coaxed to grow through that light and love of inspiration and joy.
Dear ones we love you. We speak to your hearts by gently and lovingly reminding you what it is that God wants… not from you, but for you.
God Bless You! We love you so very much. 
— The Angels

Another eclipse tomorrow

There is another eclipse tomorrow increasing again the necessity pf our being response-able for how we choose to use or energy when we think, speak, feel and act. We really need to be more aware of our doubts, our anxiety, our habit of questioning the values of the changes that we are involved in physically, mentally, emotionally and worldly. Our focus needs to be on Trust and Faith. Our individual purpose is to lighten up, use our energy in a positive manner, not to question and fear. So lets be a little bit more response-able. First it feels great and every little bit helps everything. Here is some inspiration from Jesus through Saul.
by John Smallman
Intensify your intent and determination to awaken!
Despite your doubts and anxieties the moment for your grand awakening draws ever closer. It seems that we have been telling you this for years, and we have, but it is still true, and thus we keep on reminding you, reinforcing the idea of its imminence, because it is your collective intent and will that is about to bring it on.
You have made the collective intent to awaken, but there is much foot dragging among you due to anxiety about what your awakening actually means, and because you are accustomed to the illusion and are familiar with all the problems with which it constantly presents you. Many also fear that the conveniences to which you have become accustomed over the last sixty or seventy years will no longer be available due to energy shortages as you use up the earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate. One aspect of the illusion is a strong aversion to change because change has often brought confusion, pain, and suffering, and so you choose to move ahead cautiously because impetuosity has so often led to conflict and war, and even now many of you are concerned about the possibility of a new war in the Ukraine.
Intensify your intent and determination to awaken! Doing so strengthens and enlarges the individual fields of Love that extends around each one of you, and, as you well know, Love is the solution to every issue with which you have to deal. But one of the major problems is that most of the time you do not believe it! And yet you can see clearly that anything that is in opposition to Love can never succeed in solving any of your multitudinous, and presently seemingly, insoluble problems.
Please remember that you are all beings of Love. There are no exceptions! And yes, many are behaving unlovingly, which is due to fear and lack of trust. But maintaining those attitudes only accentuates that fear and lack of trust. All your channeled sources, all your mystics and all your wise spiritual advisers keep telling you that in the face of attack do not defend yourselves. 
Because you are beings of Love, Love is what you seek. But ingrained fears and anxieties as a result of previous conflicts tend to encourage you to approach each new meeting or interaction with suspicion and even hostility. If you would let go of those fears and approach each situation with loving intent you would be amazed at the calming effect that you have on all involved, especially as more than you had hoped for is achieved.
However, many people are permanently on the defensive and are thus enveloping themselves in energy fields of distrust that threaten violence, and this is felt by those with whom they interact. What this demonstrates is that defence is a form of attack, or an unwise reaction to an expected attack, or is even of itself a preemptive attack driven by fear that merely increases the tensions people experience as they meet and prepare to interact. Nearly all of you have experienced these kinds of tensions, they are never comfortable, and often lead to tears.
What you so often focus your attention on are your personal worries and concerns, and by focusing on them you attract them to you, and in doing so you upset the loving balance that stabilizes your individual energy fields. So focus instead on Love! If you do you will find your lives changing for the better, and an aura of peace and stability will envelop you, and will be felt by others as they engage with your now loving energy field. Your energy fields are very powerful, but due to the limitations that your bodies impose upon you very few of you can actually sense or see them, and so you remain unaware of the power that you possess and project in every moment. You are effectively working in the dark! (Pun intended.)
Those who can sense and/or see these energy fields have talked about them, described them, written about them, and used them for healing, but generally unless you personally experience these energies it is very difficult for you to accept that they exist. Your science has made considerable progress in this area recently, but for most people it is as alien a field as electronics, computer technology, or nuclear physics. What you cannot see or understand you tend to ignore.
This is changing as the new generation, basically those under 35 years of age, are beginning to extend their boundaries of awareness and feel the energies about which many have talked and written but which few have felt. This growing awareness is one of the reasons why so many are now accepting the fact that everything is interconnected, nothing is isolated, alone, or totally unaware of the whole. Therefore every thought, word, or action affects the whole.
This new awareness of the interconnectedness of everything has been developing slowly for the last two or three centuries, and has become increasingly noticeable in the last fifty years or so. Growing knowledge about ecology, global warming, and the need to respect the planet that allows human existence to continue, has led to movements and organizations forming to encourage and then insist on individuals taking responsibility for their behavior and life choices.
It can easily be seen that your planet can provide abundantly for all of you if you behave with wisdom and restraint instead of continuing with the greedy and rapacious activities born of your industrial revolution and the unrestrained operations of the multinational corporations that this has spawned. Your technological abilities have, of late, grown far, far faster than your wisdom and intelligence. That is now changing as the younger and wiser among you move into positions of authority in order to bring about the changes essential to humanity’s continued survival and well-being on the planet.
Change is happening very rapidly now, and very few of you remain unaware at least of that. The collective choice and decision to awaken has been made and cannot be reversed. Your task is to hold that intent, to hold your ever brightening Light on high so that all may see it, and you do this by being loving in everything you think, say, or do. It does not mean going out proselytizing, telling people that they are wrong, that they need to clean up their acts, it means simply demonstrating love by your words and behaviors, and by the thoughts you share.
It is very simple, but can seem a little frightening if you have seen yourself as a quiet, spiritual person leading a quiet and maybe almost solitary life. Truly, many of you have found yourselves rather alone as you have followed your spiritual paths, and now you have to be ready to move forward into the brightness of the Light that you have been carrying so steadily for so long. Daily meditation is an essential aspect of your lives, now even more than ever, so do not let even one day pass without engaging in it. And as you do ask for help, ask for a love squeeze, and settle into the peace and joy that it will bring you, knowing that you are most successfully doing precisely what you came on Earth to do.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Our body cells are changing to handle newer frequencies

We are told by many so called authorities and spiritual advisers that our world and us are in the process of Ascension. That’s nice but what does that really mean? What difference will it make and what kind of changes can we expect and what can we do to assist our ascension process? The answer is so simple that our minds may struggle with it. We need to make our self, available for and ready for some physical, mental and emotional differences, some which may be strange and uncomfortable. Our body’s cells are being changed in order to handle the new frequencies. We are being adjusted to be in alignment with higher frequencies. I’ve added a channeling from Saint Germain about Ascension to give you his explanation.
Greetings my dear friends,
Please do know that Ascension is not an event that is happening on a certain day or a specific date, like for example a birthday party that is taking place on a certain date and that if you are too late on this party that you cannot participate in its joy of the moment, or that if it is even possible to be too late for it.
Ascension is not an event that can be postponed or something that could not go through, for it is an ongoing process that takes place every single day, every single second of your existence. It is your cells, your being, your every now moment of change and integration, realization, growth, insights.
Ascension is taking place within you every now moment of your existence, it is in laughter, it is in joy, it is in bliss, it is in love, it is in meditation, participation in love, it is Self Love, acceptance, allowance, inner knowing, wisdom, freedom, expansion, it is all of the beauty within you reflected on the outside of the world. It is the knowing of, and the realization that you ARE GOD, that you are Divine, that you are consciousness, that you are All That Is. It is the embracing of all of your multifaceted features and the being that you are in the now and in all of your existence.
Ascension is liberty, respect, your inner temple and sun into this being. It is all that you have dreamed of and yearned for and it is YOU. So as YOU are every day, every now moment in this existence, as you ARE existence and consciousness… it is YOU that you yearn for from the heart and so that makes your Ascension in its entire being. BE your Ascension by Being, and Ascension will be every now moment. It will never be too late nor will it ever be postponed nor canceled for it is always YOU as YOU are infinite and existing. If you see that Ascension is you, you are already free.
Free yourself from the slavery of thoughts and limitations that you have set for yourself and there you will meet your Ascension and come to the realization that you have always been ascending, every single now moment. You want it too fast, you want it tangible with proof; it is an outside affirmation which on the same token you affirm to be outside of yourself for you search it not within you. How can we prove something to be, if everything you seek for to be already IS?! It is already in you and it is you! How must we prove this to Be if it is you and you are a living being of consciousness!? Does that not prove enough my friends?! That you exist and that if you exist, Ascension exists.
Do not let yourself be distracted by the waiting position of others to come and do it for you. There is no such thing my friends. There is only being and everything else that comes not from being is distraction, is separation and is learning through fractals and experience, which is action and separation. Action is splitting the core into a fractal to experience the flow of this action, which we call an expression and experience. Which is fine, of course. It is there to teach you and to bring you back to where you came from in the first place.
My friends, allow the core of your being to be that what it is you seek. Give it your love and the attention you need, for it is all in there and no place else. All the beauty on Earth and the outside reality are wonderful teachers and provide experiences. Enjoy those but do not get entrapped in them or you become those. See through the mirror of yourself what it is that makes you the one that you are in the now, what it is that you are so eagerly searching for and the answer will lead you the way to the point where you need to start over in a whole other way, to look at it from a different perspective. Learn and teach, know and BE.
We are in the midst of Ascension and it is an ongoing flow, not a one day event of such sorts. It is the flow of your growth and Being so allow, sit back on your own ride and trust your inner Self wholeheartedly. You grow every day and this is what makes Ascension so tangible in your reality. No one can do it for you as you are the ONLY one who can instigate and lead your own Ascension process.
It is my heartfelt desire to once again stress the fact that it is about Self mastery of the you within you and that it is those who you call us, the Ascended Masters, Galactic family, Archangels and so on, that will assist in what you bring forth and create from within: from the being that you are. As without your own beingness and creation there is no change or assistance to be done from our part in the Heavenly realms. It is you that bring the changes from within through being and it is us that assist you in the realization of what you bring forth.
You can see it as a Magical spell that you bring forth after mastering and learning your Magician skills, and it is us sprinkling the magical dust to make it happen even stronger after you spoke your spell. The magical dust can be compared to all of the portal activations, sun template activations, cosmic light and encodings, Solar Flares, cosmic events through alignments and shifting, all orchestrated with us/ by us and by the Source of All that Is. Change is within you as it starts from you and from nowhere else. Do not sit and wait for events to take place and take matters into your own hands by being the Master that you ARE.
Quantum consciousness is a major key in this all and it is ready for those who have achieved a certain level of Self mastery, which implies a certain consciousness and a knowingness of “Is-ness”. There can only be “delays”, “cancellations” or whatever you wish to name it by creating this yourself through taking this for your reality. When you feel that Ascension is not happening, it means that you do not see it within yourself and so you do not sense this and certainly do not see it reflected in your outer reality.
Look more into that area of yourself and think about it; is it truly another outside Source that is stopping YOUR ascension process? Let us leave it with these last words, it will be an already enough hectic ride for many and my heartfelt Love and compassion for you all is what I wish to convey to you all, for it is out of tremendous Love that I bring this message to you. I wish for you to see this now and to look deeper within you.
My Love, Grace and infinite compassion, Saint Germain
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered

Accept that ‘There is nothing wrong with us’

One of the most difficult truths for us to accept is ‘There is nothing wrong with us, we are exactly what we wanted to be, just as we are’. The spiritual challenge is to find the good, the value in this person that we eventually created, just as we are. Some of us may have created a difficult life and or a handicapped body, even a negative family or environment to grow up in, the choice is always ours. We never choose experiences we didn’t want as a challenge and we never choose anything we can’t handle and find value of. Karma is made up of  lessons we haven’t learned the value of and we chose to see if we are ready to recognize their values this time, in this life. Remember we chose to be born (it’s our movie) so we could learn from our choices. We are not victims to anything except our belief system. Change the way you think, change your life. It’s as easy as we decide it can be. Here is part # 3 of Consciousness. How to do it.
Healing Your Field, Healing Your Body
To heal, all that we need to do is purify our energy so that the energetic projection of our body is unobstructed. Then our atoms and molecules can align perfectly to this structure because there is no energetic interference to disrupt the image of our body as projected by our consciousness.
We do this by getting in the gap between our thoughts, where our beliefs no longer affect our reality, for, when we are not thinking, we are also free of beliefs and expectations. And by doing this we are aligning ourselves with universal principles, and matching our energy with the energies coming directly from the field of all-possibility – those high frequency energies of love, kindness, inspiration, passion, joy, and so on.
The first step is to consider the possibility that we are not only energy, but that there is infinite energy all around us which we can consciously tap into to promote healing in our body and mind, to become a more happy, healthy, vibrant and creative being. As soon as you start to connect to the infinite energy of creation and your own true nature as formless energy, then you start to become aware of these energies in your body which returns the projection of your body to its natural state.
The projection of your body can only be disrupted by a disturbance in your energy field – your consciousness – caused by unbalanced thoughts and emotions, and limiting beliefs. Our luminous energy field is naturally vibrant, and our energy naturally flows unhindered as a powerful stream of consciousness, but the lower levels of consciousness, which we have been conditioned to live in as part of our social indoctrination, disrupt this flow which if left unhindered would express its perfection everywhere.
Another key concept to understand is that your body is always regenerating. In a talk of Deepak Chopra’s that I listened to, he pointed out that atoms do not age. They do not die, and the same atoms that existed at the big bang around 14 billion years ago exist to this day, some of which are even within you.
Every year 98% of the atoms in your body are exchanged for ‘new’ atoms. You are constantly dying, and being reborn, and literally transforming at the atomic and molecular levels. Every three days you have a new stomach lining, every month you have new skin, every three months you have a new skeleton. And every year you have almost an entirely new body (Deepak Chopra from Living Beyond Miracles with Wayne Dyer).
Deepak Chopra described it beautifully by saying that our atoms “are like migrating birds”. They are not permanent, they are completely independent, and are drifting through space and time and merely being organized into structures such as our bodies by none other than our energy field which organizes them as a magnetic field organizes metal filings, only slightly more complex.
What more proof do we need in order to start looking at our bodies differently, and in general looking at the mechanism of health itself in a new light?
None of the raw materials that form your physical body age, moreover, they are constantly changing. Therefore I ask this of you. Is it really you that is changing? And what is the force that organizes these atoms and molecules back where they are supposed to be, and makes sure that they perfectly and harmoniously continue to do their jobs even while your cells and atoms are migrating by the billions?
Your body is not the real you. Your body is merely a projection of what you believe yourself to be. If you could discover that you are pure consciousness, and that who you really are is an infinite creative awareness that is manifesting reality and co-creating reality with other aspects of yourself (because every being is an expression of the infinite universal consciousness we have labelled as God), then you can start to take complete control over your body, your health, and your life.
Chronic pain, disease, illness, or the old injuries that you have in your body are not actually in your body, they are in your mind. More specifically, they are a function of your perception. Your atoms are always changing, and your molecules are too, but as new atoms come and as new molecules are formed, and as you flash in and out of existence, your energetic field is telling them where to go, what to do, and how to align with one another.
Therefore, you are holding disease, illness, pain, and injuries within your consciousness, and thus, they are imprinted in your energetic field, and only then do they proceed to manifest in your physiology.
If this is the case, then not only is our health completely under our willful control, but the rate at which we age may even be under our control as well. Now I am not suggesting that we can be immortal, because we already are as infinite beings of consciousness. What I am suggesting is that in a time long forgotten, and in the near future, human beings have had and will realize again the ability to live from this field, and live consciously from their nature as luminous beings of pure energy.
At that time human beings will realize that the body is a manifestation of our highest self, and we can not only consciously manifest anything in life, but anything in our bodies as well. And one day we will reach a point where we can continually regenerate our bodies at will because we live from the field of infinite energy, and thus our bodies simply operate at a higher frequency so that we can live in them until our work is completed and we choose to move on.
Fantastic? Yes. But these changes are noticeable within the human body and mind even after a little bit of practice and training, so decide to feel and experience it for yourself, and learn how to meditate. This is what evidence is clearly suggesting and my own experience also indicates to be true. The only hindrance to tapping into this nature of the universe is your own conscious awareness, your level of attention, and your beliefs.
Our ability to heal is directly related to our level of attention and our level of belief. For example we can heal ourselves of any affliction, illness, disease, or injury that is possible so long as we have absolute certainty, a knowing, that we will be healed. This is directly achieved by accessing the most fundamental level of reality through deep meditation.
This is because at the fundamental level of reality, anything is possible, and the restructuring of reality is dictated entirely by our beliefs and expectations. We are pure energy, and there is infinite potential in that energy. It is entirely up to us what we choose to manifest out of the field in our lives and in our bodies.
You have no limitations, and nothing is impossible. It is only your beliefs which dictate what you can and cannot do.
“Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” – St. Augustine

Our Body is our best support system

Our body is our best friend and best support system. It is always talking to us, doing its best to let us know when we do something that isn’t good for us. When we pay attention to the messages our body is sending us, we can create a healthier and more comfortable body and maintain good health. For an example, over eating is the second biggest killer of life. Insufficient chewing is a big factor in over eating. Ideally we should chew our food into liquid and combine our saliva with what we drink. Drinking liquids, like water, as we eat, deletes our digestive acids and weakens the digestive process. These are a few of the problems we create by unconscious eating habits. The major negative body reaction is stress. Under stress our energy goes to our arms and legs as a protective potential, and digestion suffers. When we trust our bodies wisdom and do our best to appreciate it’s messages we are on our way to increased health.Most of us don’t need digestive aids, we need digestive wisdom. 
Here is part # 2 of Conscious Awareness.
The Body as a Projection of Consciousness
I want you to really internalize the understanding that reality is flashing in and out of form. This is absolutely crucial in understanding our ability to heal, because if half of the time we are formless, then (1) Who are we really, because obviously our bodies and the material world is illusory to a degree; and (2) What is the blueprint which is guiding the rearrangement of our bodies each time we quite literally re-materialize?
The answer to both questions would be consciousness. Our bodies are a holographic projection of our consciousness, and they are the sum total of our beliefs about ourselves. If we can change our beliefs about ourselves, and thus if we can change the energy that defines our human energy field, then we can change the energetic blueprint which our body aligns with as it re-materializes back into form 1044 times per second.
(The exact structure and dynamics of our consciousness which make us both a fractal and holographic expression of this infinite God-consciousness can be found in Nassim Haramein’s Holofractographic Universe theory, and in his work Crossing the Event Horizon.)
Deepak Chopra told a story that illustrates this perfectly in his book, How to Know God. A friend of his injured his foot while working out in a gym because he was unaccustomed to using one of the machines and strained it. The pain in his foot increased over the next few days, and he found it increasingly difficult to walk, so upon “medical examination it was found that he had a common ailment known as planar fasciitis, in which the connecting tissue between the heel and the front of the foot had been stretched or torn.” (How to Know God, p.221)
His friend decided not to have surgery and instead to tough it out, but in time he found it so painful and difficult to walk that he sought out a Chinese Healer in desperation. This Chinese man was ordinary by appearance, and gave “no evidence of being mystical or spiritual, or in any way gifted in healing.” The injured friend of Deepak Chopra continues:
“After gently feeling my foot, he stood up and made a few signs in the air behind my spine. He never actually touched me, and when I asked what he was doing, he simply said he was turning some switches in my energy field. He did this for a minute or so and then asked me to stand up. I did, and there was no sensation of pain, not the slightest. You have to remember that I had limped in, barely able to walk.”
He continues: 
“In complete amazement I asked him what he had done. He told me that the body was an image projected by the mind, and in a state of health the mind keeps this image intact and balanced. However, injury and pain can cause us to withdraw our attention from the affected spot. In that case, the body image starts to deteriorate; its energy patterns become impaired, unhealthy. So the healer restores the correct pattern – this is done instantly, on the spot – after which the patient’s own mind takes responsibility for maintaining it that way.” (How to Know God, p.222)
This story has fascinated and inspired me ever since I heard it. As we have seen, reality is flashing in and out of existence innumerable times every second, oscillating between form and formlessness, and quantum physics knows that our thoughts and beliefs influence the quantum reality which is the source of the material world. Therefore it is only natural to assume an energetic and formless source for all of creation, including our physicality.
I think it is absolutely clear that we must start to consider ourselves as more than a physical body. In truth it is much more coherent to think of ourselves as a luminous energy field organizing ourselves in a body, or as pure consciousness manifesting and temporarily experiencing this level of reality through our bodies. New evidence is clearly illustrating that our mind is non-local and is independent of the brain, which means it doesn’t need the brain, or the body for that matter, to exist.[1]
We are so much more than we think we are, and infinitely more than we have been lead to believe. The next step that we have to take, moreover, the next step in our human evolution now involves us learning how to use and hone this power we have to influence reality and literally manifest anything we want directly out of the field, from a new hip, to perhaps better eyesight, or a fit and healthy body, all the way to a new life.
But how is this done? (tomorrow)

Changes in entire Universe

Our change into a 5th Dimension that we are going through is changing the entire Universe. This is why the power of planetary configurations and the influence of our friends from other planets are so valuable. We need all the help we can get to go through this incredible change we are experiencing. This is also why we need to be consciously involved. As the world changes, we will go through changes so we can attune to these higher vibrations, so don’t get lazy, keep working on feeling good, so there is availability for more good can manifest within you. Here is some information from Karen Berg that may help you understand more of the planets assistance.
On Wednesday of this week, we will experience the height of the astrological phenomenon known as the Cardinal Grand Cross which is formed by four planets-Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars- being at 90 degree angles from each other. As we mentioned before, this specific configuration signals big changes that can manifest for us individually and collectively. Our work (as students of spiritual consciousness) is to make sure the transformation that will occur will be from the negative to the positive; from destruction to construction; from darkness to Light. This transformation applies not only to to our personal lives but also to the evolution of the world.
From Kryon Book 7: Letters From Home
Page 127 
Self-worth is the knowingness that you are part of this family. Self-worth is going to let you feel, in some way, the love that goes into the foot washing that is still in progress. Self-worth is going to let you understand and finally feel that “you are not alone.” You have protection. You have energy around you that is so specialized, as you “push” your light to those around you.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

The Light requires new thinking

The only way we can change and improve our life is to take charge of what we are doing when we use our energy when we Think, Speak, Feel and act. We need to choose to pay attention and decide if what we are about to do will make us feel good or not. If it is not going to make us feel good, DON’T DO IT!. Change your focus and decide to do something that will make us feel good. Why? Because we can and we care enough about ourselves to do something (everything) that makes us feel good about what we do, because we are worth it and we can do it, if we really care. And if we don’t do it we are making our life miserable because we still think negatively about ourselves and are being habitual and unconscious. Stop it silly and quit being stupid, Things are changing its time we changed and choose to love ourselves for being response-able. Here is some inspiration from the Ascended Masters  
We are your Ascended Masters! Namaste and Blessings to you all! Many wondrous events are happening on your world. View this as only the merest of beginnings. Decades ago the dark seized upon the rise of a “cold war” to wreak havoc and nearly steal your heavenly-sent gift of full consciousness. However, Heaven intervened and forced the Ancharans to leave this realm and permit the Light to beseech the earthly minions of the Anunnaki to let go of their steely grip upon you. This led to the present blessed victory of Light over dark. You are being blessed by events that are to bring you prosperity and new governance. We intend to say much about how this dark realm was forged and the remedies to keep us all basking in the Light, Love and Oneness that we give to each other! The truths are to set you free and allow you to return in joy to the state of galactic consciousness.
Full or galactic consciousness takes you off the wheel of death. It makes you responsible for your human family, and especially for yourself. You become a divine Being in sacred service to the Creator. You are to fully learn of the divine plan for this reality and how you can use your abilities to unfold it. We went through a difficult series of lifetimes that finally resulted in a special ceremony that made us divine. This ascension made us responsible for humanity and we accepted this gladly. Our duties include watching over you, giving special knowledge to aid and prepare you for a most glorious sacred gift. We had our earthly precursors train us in how best to carry out our special part. Together, we work to raise up humanity. You, blessed Ones, are now to receive gifts that ready you for full consciousness and allow you the means to alter this reality.
The events now underway are to greatly change the world you presently live in. Our numerous associates are determined to finish a great number of things. As each of these manifest, accept them and realize that a great prosperity is indeed your fate, as is governance that oversees in proper style all that is to come. Each of you is a powerful Being of Light. You have come from afar and are to assist humanity in this grand change. We intend to use our abilities to assure your success. Be ready to accept this and to inform others of what is happening and what lies ahead. This realm was the property of the dark and its minions for millennia. Get out of the habit of believing how the dark wishes to shape this world. The Light requires new thinking and mostly a great dose of Love and cooperation. Be true to your I Am Presence! Hallelujah!
Today, we went over what is happening on this great blue orb. Respect her and learn to accept the new technologies that are finally to see the light of day! These wonders are only the beginnings of what you are to become accustomed to. Be ready to receive us and to reunite with your spiritual and space families. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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