Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Our inner struggle is between our ‘Belief System’ which keeps us in bondage with Doubts, Fears, Limitations and resistance to change  and available ‘Awareness’. When we choose to be aware of what we are doing when we think, speak, feel and act, we have a choice to make changes. When we aren’t aware we repeat what we believe is true and we are victims to our old self created habits of helplessness. The key to change and ascension is awareness and that is an individual choice. What do you really want? and what are you willing to do to get it?. The choice is always up to us. Focus on awareness make more positive choices it can be as easy as you demand it to be. Change your focus and change your life. Here is a channeling from Quan Lin for inspiration. The world is Ascended, but your idea of what ascension is and your experience of the world don’t match. You feel discouraged and wonder if perhaps you have been making it all up, your dreams, the Masters, Ascension, everything. You wonder if you should live a normal life, if you should have a normal job, walk in traditional pathways as you have been led to believe to be ˝traditional˝ or ˝normal.˝
You have even tried this, to some extent, your life is more ˝normal˝ then it was before, and yet you feel something is missing, some magical quality to life is missing. You know it, you feel it, you can practically see it’s absence around you.
Why do you seek validation for your choices? for your beliefs? You know with your heart some things to be true, but you want your truths to be validated, authenticated, by the world around you. If the world changed the way you wanted, had almost expected that it would, would you feel empowered?
Would you be closer to realizing your divine nature?
The question is not when will the world change to be filled with only peace and love, but when will you allow yourself to live in the world as if that was all there is, because, the world already is only made up of Love. Your experience of anything other than love is an illusion, that is what must change.
Now we come to your favorite question (she says with a smile). ˝How?˝
How does one experience the world as peace and love? How does one accept that their their other experiences are illusions and changeable? How does one actively experience Love as all there is?
It comes down to choice.
You can in this very moment, in any moment, choose to alter your perception, to shift your attention from illusion to truth. How? Just pause, wherever you are, whatever is going on around you, and affirm (choose):
I Am NOW seeing the Love in this situation.
I Am NOW experiencing the Love that Is.
or even
I choose to experience the Love present here.
If you still don’t experience things shifting, ask for help. Ask the angels, Masters, devas, your own soul, ask for help shifting yourself out of illusion and into the vibrant experience of love. It only takes a second to ask. Allow yourself to be helped.
As you begin to experience the Love that is in all thing, it gets easier to continue experiencing it. And, your world, as a reflection of you, will shift around this experience of love. The world will become what you wanted it to be, not because you tried to change it, but because you changed your experience of the world.
I Am Quan Yin and I love you.  

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