Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The Fear of Success

It’s interesting that the biggest threat to achieving our hearts desires is “The Fear of Success’. We get so many messages as a child that we are not O.K. as we are that most of us have a deep seated feeling and accepted belief that we are imperfect as we are, we need to become what it seems others want us to be. As little children we can’t nationalize yet, we don’t understand that our parents (the giants) are teaching us and training us we just feel that they want us to be different. To us of course this means that what we are isn’t what we should be. So most of us get the message that in order to get what we want from them (acceptance of ourselves just as we are) we need to become what ever it seems we need to be to please them. So we may not understand what’s going on (parental education) but we know that something in us is lacking. Therefore success is not available until we become what we need to be to deserve it. For a lot of us that fear that we don’t deserve success is still a deep fear. The fact is that the minute that we survive birth we are already a success, a successful Human on our own journey of Self Awareness. How are you doing?

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