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Seeing as how we are, or are supposed to be, Lightworkers, what is a Lightworker? A Lightworker is a human who has chosen a difficult life path as a challenge to find the value of the difficulties. Spirit, God, Existence, whatever you may choose to acknowledge that the energy that we are a part of, the energy of creation, doesn’t make negativity. There is value in everything, we just need to choose to look for it. Perhaps the value of an extreme difficulty is to inspire us to find a positive solution. When we look for and find a way to transform these problems that we are experiencing we achieve more strength, more wisdom, more awareness, more consciousness and in doing so lighten up, we create more light. The light we create because of our efforts affects the entire world, illuminates the darkness of confusion and opens us up to being available for more of what we really want, Self acceptance as a valuable instrument for the transformation of our world into the 5th Dimension. It also increases our Self trust, Self Love and Faith and encourages us to consciously be the Lightworkers that we came here to be. Here is a light increasing channeling from the Angels.
Message from the Angels
by Ann Albers
Ann’s Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
There is, in your hearts dear ones, a spark of light that is the very seed of your being. It is the light of God’s love, the purest energy from which you came. It is the light you were created from, and the light you will return to. It is the light that guides you, heals you, and continues to remind you of who you really are.
Take a moment. Take a breath. Imagine that this light is growing, brighter and brighter. Imagine it filling you, expanding past the boundaries of your body, and out into the world, as you grow and glow even more brightly. Imagine it seeking areas in your body that are tight, dense, or frozen in fear. Imagine it warming these areas, these tiny dark spots, and melting them away. Imagine that this light is now being fueled with every breath you breathe. Breathe in and allow it to brighten. Breathe out and allow anything less than this light to be exhales.
Seashells are created from the inside out. Our lives are too!
Now imagine a situation in your life that needs healing, assistance, or lightening up. It may be a relationship, a financial situation, or something you dream of creating. Imagine it however you like. Imagine now, that you can pluck a spark of this light from your heart and place it into that situation. If it is a relationship, imagine you place this spark in the energy between the two of you. If it is your finances imagine you place this spark in your bank account or on your bills. If it is a situation or desired creation, place the spark there. And then dear ones, as you breathe in and increase your light, imagine that the light of this spark also increases, brightens and fills the desired area of your life with more light, for indeed as you increase your own light, your own love, your own peace, and your own joy, you fill the areas of your life with such light as well. Keep breathing now, for as long as you like, and allow this light to be the fuel that burns away any darkness in your body, mind, heart, soul, or life. As you fill yourself, every single aspect of your life will be filled with this light as well. Do this often, and watch your life transform, for everything in life is more easily changed from the inside out.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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