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Every little bit helps

Every little bit helps. Every time we choose to be a little more positive. Every tine we choose to say “I don’t do that any more! I AM feeling good!” We add more light to our lives and add light energy to the conscious awareness expansion of everyone. It’s so easy to do and so valuable it’s incredible that we don’t choose to do it more often, Doesn’t cost anything, makes us feel better, attracts more of what we really want, and actually that’s our essential purpose anyway. As Lightworkers we get lazy and forget, we too much time thinking about stuff and forget to shine our light on the negativity and unconscious actions we feel and observe. So lets breathe better and shine more. Every little bit helps. Here is Kryon with encouragement.
Simple Awareness
From Kryon Book 7: Letters From Home
Page 59  |  Purchase
Your simple awareness of your spiritual selves has actually begun the planetary shift necessary to complete this picture of an enlightened Earth. Have you seen any changes in your politics lately? Didn’t we tell you to look for it? Didn’t we tell you that an aspect of Human consciousness change was that there could be no secrets? How about your economy, and the efforts to “pull together” to facilitate worldwide balance? We spoke of every one of these things, and now they are here! This is you releasing your energy to the planet.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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