Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We have no idea of how powerful we are. If we had even the slightest understanding we would be very careful and very response-able for how we use our power. Instead we jabber on and act indiscriminately in reaction to whatever and then we wonder why our life is so crazy and full of on going non-sense. If and when we decide to be more aware of how we use our power our life changes noticeably. We are what we think, by being consciously involved with our use of our own energy we give ourselves a gift of love beyond our imagination. You’ll never know if what I’m sharing is true or not until you check it out for your self. Put it to the test of experience for a period of time and see the difference in your life. Why not what do you have to loose? Unconscious clutter. Here is an encouragement from Kryon.

Change the World
From Kryon Book 3: Alchemy of The Human Spirit
Page 228 | Purchase

We say again to you that it is because of the change of the one, that affects the many. So if there were ever an evangelical approach to this new age, it would be in changing yourself… co-creating for yourself. Letting those around you observe you and change accordingly.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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