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Law of Intention

No matter how intense we may be about using The Law of Intention we need to understand the power of our belief system and how it interferes with our manifesting our desires. As a child we experienced a lot of doubts and fears. We felt unworthy and accepted that we weren’t good enough to get the attention and appreciation we wanted the way we wanted. We felt unworthy and undeserving, we spent a lot of our energy feeling the fear of being unworthy of what we wanted. That belief of worthlessness may still be interfering with our efforts of Attraction. Our fears are never as real as we think they are, we need to face them with trust and faith, we need to risk success. When we do that we realize that our fears were never as threatening as we thought they were. We are stronger and more capable of coping than we thought we were. We need to risk success and face our fears so we can feel worthy of what we want and wish to achieve. We need to get out of our own way. Here is Kryon on fear.

What Gives You the Most Fear?
From Kryon Book 3: Alchemy of the Human Spirit

What is it that gives you the most fear? For many of you unknowingly it is the fear of succeeding, and the fear of being on your contracted path; the fear of abundance. Perhaps it is the fear of enlightenment itself. We encourage you to walk into this fear standing tall. Whatever it is that gives you the most anxiety, that you know is karma in your life, must be walked into face first with a challenge, knowing it is simply a façade.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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