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A Great Human Heart

What if we decided to be more of what we really are and less of what  we really are not? What would be different about us? What would more of what we really want mean or change for us? How would our life be different? Think about it and then write it down. Now create a vision board with examples of these new attributes on it. You can draw them or find examples and cut and paste them. You need to be able to see them on your board. Now when you have completed your board with visual examples of the new you, spend 5 or 10 minutes at least twice a day looking at your vision board  seeing the new you that you have decided to develop. Do this for a month and see what happens. Here is a channeling to share the arrival of an increased power that is being added to our world to give us more to work with.
ENERGY OF 1-11-14
by Gillian MacBeth Louthan
The energy of 1-11-2014 begins it’s descend down the stairway of light to be anchored in the fullness of time on Earth. The dimensional wobble should come to the fulcrum of person as ‘what was’ advances forward like a merry go round in ‘fool pursuit’.
A new position of light is what we have acquired and we now have the task of integrating it through all the levels of self into a new creation birthed from the fabric of time as it now unfolds.
That creation is laced with a great human heart. We are the unfinished business of an expanding universe who has great expectations of us, no matter what thoughts we wear or how we wear it.
It is the influence of a golden heart.
Each of us is destined for greatness otherwise we would not be on this great earth ship together. We are part of a great cosmic integration that draws us closer with each heartbeat of each day. We are part of what yearns to be free and filled with the ‘awe’ we once knew.
Each day we lead with our hearts, not always willingly, as new aspects of life unfold and demand our undivided attention. One minute you are dawdling along in your own world and then ‘pow to the moon!” a wakeup call. The heart wants what the heart wants. Karmic contracts will end in 2014 in the fullness of healing. Water and oil do not always create an asphalt rainbow. Thunder and lightening may be twins but they are very destructive.
Allow the solar flares to bring to your human electrical system an infusion of deep healing awakening the potential within all peoples to re-instruct their DNA/RNA verbally, Releasing codes that no longer serve our circuitry, Like removing old programs knowingly.
What comes to Earth and her peoples in all elemental forms is a master template code, made up of molecular building blocks from deep space via the sun and solar emanations of all types. All of life is pulsating geometries in the language of bio-chemistry. This energy can be used for transformation from the divine to human and from the human to the divine.
This closing gate of 1-11-2014 is aligned with the energy of 55. It asks us as humans to listen with our senses, known and unknown. To hear life talk. To stop ignoring nature and her sounds and signals. With this #55 energy the universe is making changes for you whether you ask for them or not. changing your direction with your Souls permission. This change may be an answer to some long forgotten prayer or a part of you that comes alive. Allow the currents to take you into a new future full of shiny possibilities. Trust in the cycle of time and Light. 

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