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Selecting proper guidance

In order for us to be available to more of what we really want we need to take the responsibility to raise our vibration. We can receive more by raising our vibration with positive thoughts, meditation, chakra activation, focused intention, trust and faith, breathing exercises and many other techniques. Until we raise the vibration of our energy we keep attracting more of what we already have. We are magnet that attracts the equivalent of what we express. It’s really that simple everything is available to us, we just need to make ourselves available to what we want and that takes persistent and consistent work. We don’t really need outside help, although proper guidance can help. Selecting proper guidance maybe tricky there are a lot of so called authorities around, so be picky. What works the best is quite often the simplest. Were there is a will, there is a way.


Love is authentic only when it gives freedom
Love is my message, my whole gospel, the very core of what I have been teaching and doing.
As far as I am concerned humanity is suffering from lack of love. All other problems arise out of this problem.
Poverty can disappear within minutes; poverty is not really a problem — it is just that love is missing! We have the technology to make the whole Earth a paradise but nobody has that heart that can share, that can make an effort to make the Earth a paradise. On the contrary the whole scientific growth and technology is being used to destroy.
Seventy percent of every nation’s income is being is being used to destroy. Seventy percent of every nation’s income is being wasted on the army, defense. Although the governments call their armies defense, it is a false name: they are all meant to be aggressive and attacking. The defense ministries of all the world are really attack ministries, not defense at all.
Man can be immensely happy. Nothing is missing, the world is full of all that is needed — the stars and the trees and the rivers and the mountains.
It is just that somehow inside man something very essential is lost. Man has forgotten the language of love. He lives through competition, conflict, anger, jealousy, possessiveness — and these are the enemies of love. All these poisons destroy the nectar of love.
A sannyasin has to drop all that is against love, that goes against love.
Slowly slowly, as the barriers are removed love starts flowing, because it is our very nature. It is not something to be brought in from the outside, it is already there. There are just a few obstructions which we have to unlearn.
Once that happens love becomes a golden light. Then your name will become a reality to you.
It is a light that not only lights your path, but can light many other people’s path. And it is a light by which one becomes aware of God’s presence. We are living in darkness; hence we can’t see God. We have eyes and God is present but the light which can become the bridge is missing.
And love is the only light. It is love that becomes a prayer, it is love that one day becomes the realization, the ultimate realization of God! And certainly when love explodes…. Kabir says, “it is as if a thousand and one suns have arisen suddenly in your being.” There is so much light and it is golden. But the alchemy is through love, the transformation is through love.
I teach meditation only as a help towards love, as a means — love is the goal.

Every little bit helps

Every little bit helps. Every time we choose to be a little more positive. Every tine we choose to say “I don’t do that any more! I AM feeling good!” We add more light to our lives and add light energy to the conscious awareness expansion of everyone. It’s so easy to do and so valuable it’s incredible that we don’t choose to do it more often, Doesn’t cost anything, makes us feel better, attracts more of what we really want, and actually that’s our essential purpose anyway. As Lightworkers we get lazy and forget, we too much time thinking about stuff and forget to shine our light on the negativity and unconscious actions we feel and observe. So lets breathe better and shine more. Every little bit helps. Here is Kryon with encouragement.
Simple Awareness
From Kryon Book 7: Letters From Home
Page 59  |  Purchase
Your simple awareness of your spiritual selves has actually begun the planetary shift necessary to complete this picture of an enlightened Earth. Have you seen any changes in your politics lately? Didn’t we tell you to look for it? Didn’t we tell you that an aspect of Human consciousness change was that there could be no secrets? How about your economy, and the efforts to “pull together” to facilitate worldwide balance? We spoke of every one of these things, and now they are here! This is you releasing your energy to the planet.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

“Lighten Up”

Often when we are expressing something intensely we may be told by others to ” Lighten up” Although its not relevant to this post its a very important statement. “Lighten Up” is a wonderful thing for all of us to do  and to do purposely. When we choose to shine our inner light on outer examples of darkness, anger, frustrations, confusions, unawareness, unhappiness, sadness, pains of all varieties, the energy changes. When we consciously use “I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good.” The energy changes. And that’s our job, we are Light Workers and we share our light with any kind of darkness to help expose the value of everything. At least that’s what we came here to do. Here is a channeling thay may help you increase your light. Check it out.
by Rev. Caroline Dawley
Metatron’s Cube
An hour before you go to bed, ask Archangel Metatron to prepare his Light Bath for you.
If you are in peaceful surroundings, you may be aware of a gentle current of light running through your body. Relax and allow this to be. Archangel Metatron is the Primary Source of Pure Light available to Humanity, and an absolute expert in Light Quotient building.
Once in bed, or in your receptive state, state the following, either aloud or mentally.
Invocation: ‘Archangel Metatron, please now place me within your light bath’.
Visualize yourself lying horizontally, completely relaxed, on a bed. All around you are pillars of beautiful, golden, glowing light. These are all around you, in precise geometric locations. You are lying directly within the Centrex of a Metatron Cube.
It is the size of an average bedroom and has more than enough room to fit you comfortably within the centre.
Golden light
Close your eyes, and imagine yourself and every cell of your body, becoming pure, Honey Golden, Liquid Light.
Feel Archangel Metatron’s beautiful, divine presence, as he places his hands upon you. All your stresses, strains and worries dissolve as the Archangel pours his frequency through every cell of your being. As you become more relaxed and more immersed in his Light, you will notice that the room is becoming brighter. This does not disturb your relaxation. You become more at ease. Archangel Metatron is simply amplifying the Light Quotient of your bath to precisely suit your needs.
You will never be ‘overcooked’ or receive more light than you individually require.
Ask Archangel Metatron to dissolve anything within your body, aura, or fields that you know has been an issue within the course of your day, for example, anxiety, any fear that you may be running, physical issues ( i.e. headaches, injuries, any other ‘body stuff’). Feel his golden light flowing through every chakra, opening them and spinning them at a fifth dimensional frequency.
Finally, ask Archangel Metatron to hold your perfect level of Light Quotient within your body and fields at all times, day and night. Relax and sleep.
Thank you AA Metatron
by: Rev. Caroline Dawley
Note: Archangel Metatron is considered to be one of the most supreme angelic beings sitting next to the throne of God and at depicted as the crown of the tree of life in Qabbalistic teachings. He is the representative of the Source, creator of the outer worlds. He helped in building the Great Pyramid of Giza and placed within it the purity that goes with that high vibrational area.
Creator of the Electron, Metatron transfers the Divine Blueprint of Creation to all levels below him. He is credited as ministering the sacred geometric patterns of the universe and his vast consciousness is very involved in Earth evolution especially in bringing in the Platinum Cosmic Light of Union. He teaches classes on inner planes, especially in the use of Light within physical manifestation to raise consciousness.

Expansion of Conscious Awareness increases

Things keep getting more interesting, the energy keeps increasing, the opportunities for growth and the expansion of Conscious Awareness increases, we are living in an incredible world at an incredible time. The next full moon and the arrival of the year of the Horse will both add to our Game of Life additional changes to look forward to. I’ve added a long channeling about the power of both of them for your interest, in case you are interested. I was so here it is.

Get Ready – Year of the Horse
Channelled through by Selacia

Next week promises to be a powerful time for energy shifts and openings – especially with the super moon January 30 ahead of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse officially starting the next day. These energies are auspicious and hold great potential for you on a personal level – helping you to connect with your destiny path and your true power to create as a multidimensional being of light.

In this article are suggestions for making the most of these beneficial energies, while also continuing your progress of forward movement this year. If you are like most people, you have likely had a number of highs and lows since 2014 began. There indeed has been, and continues to be, a generally lighter feel and tone compared with 2013.

That said, in the bigger picture you also sit within ongoing radical and challenging revolutionary energies that characterize these unique years of paradigm shift. Changes often are not easy, even the ones you want to make.

2014 a Peak Year

One reason is that 2014 is a peak year of your world being literally remade under your feet.

Other years have built to this one, and the shifting will continue for some time after 2014. Still, for those like you who are awakening and sensitive to energies, this year may feel more intense. You won’t always be able to identify the intensity, either, but you will likely sense it in the background.

Intensity isn’t necessarily bad, of course. You could feel intense joy as a project you have long dreamed of begins to take root. You could be meeting new people, too, including those who you don’t immediately connect with anything significant – but they are to be important for your future. These things can be exciting when they appear, your intuitive knowing showing you that you are starting to bring in needed partners and resources for your fuller life expression.

In tandem with that, any unfinished business from your past that’s in the way of your immediate next steps will be coming to light. When that happens, don’t judge it or get angry or worry.

Old Issues in the DNA

Do pay attention, though, and utilize your tools and resources to clear those issues at a DNA level. The things that surface may seem old, but trust that the elements arising are additional pieces of what you addressed before.

Consider this: the more intense feelings you have when issues arise, the more important they are for you to address. Keeping up to date with the process of energy clearing will accelerate your forward momentum.

For perspective, most life issues a person has now did not originate earlier in life, but in other lifetimes. Advanced practitioners understand this and keep things in perspective. For divine change makers, this indeed is the lifetime when you have the most opportunity to clear your past – back to the root causes – accelerating your enlightenment.

Year of the Horse Energies

Understanding the energetic tone of a cycle like Chinese New Year can help you to advance on your path by leaps and bounds. That’s because you have foresight about the kinds of energy you may encounter.

Horse years like we have in 2014, for example, are associated with fire and action. In these years, there tends to be lots of activity and much on your plate. Not everything needs to be done at once, of course, but it may seem that way!

On a positive note, you simply may feel more buoyant and able to tackle things that you have been putting on the back burner. The key to success is maintaining your balance, sense of timing, and awareness of what is in front of you right when it is in front of you. Many opportunities can come and go in such a year as this – you must be awake to them in order to act with divine timing.

Being grounded and centered in your heart will be vital to your success, too. The more that you can achieve this, the more you will be able to connect with your inner voice and spirit. Having that connection is essential for what you want to do, be, and have this year.

Make spirit your fueling system for action in this Year of the Horse. Spirit can help guide you through the windy terrain, the ups and downs, and the obstacle courses. A grounded spirit connection, too, can help you with prosperity. That’s because you are more in a state of flow and receiving, and more grounded about your relationship with money.

Working with the Super Moon

Utilize the January 30 super moon for potent visioning and creating an action plan for personal and spiritual progress in 2014. The new moon next week is called a super moon because of its powerful potentials for new beginnings. It’s actually the second new moon so far this year – making it even more influential. If you are doing an intentions process at the new moon, factor in the horse year energies being ignited the next day. See my earlier December 29 article for a new moon process you can update for next week’s super moon:

Joy in 2014

Big Picture for 2014

Getting back to the big picture for this year – don’t forget the role of the collective, too. Learn to become friends with the idea of unseen outside influences being a part of your creating process.

That is the truth anyway – you do not create your life or self-evolve on an isolated island somewhere. You live on the “island” of Earth, and indeed beyond that the cosmos. Everything is connected throughout time and space.

As you fully grasp what this means, it’s easier to let go and being in the flow that spirit can help facilitate. Intend now that you will benefit from these energies this year. Decide to participate fully with life and with the divine dance of creation. It is this that will allow you to thrive and to be in love and joy.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia *

Congratulations the work that you have been doing is paying off

Congratulations the work that you have been doing is paying off. You are becoming more aware and response-able so I know your life is more pleasing to you and the major changes that are developing in the world is being assisted by our individual choices to more positive. Keep up the good work. The light is shining brighter, consciousness is expanding, I see changes in people everyday. It’s a wonderful time to be alive and the game of Conscious Awareness is available to all. Be intelligent and take more and more of your share, the choice is ours. Here is a channeling from the Ascended Masters for inspiration.

Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with joyfully blessed news! Events are now taking shape to force those who have long ruled you to “give up the ghost.” Their power has been the arrogant rule and ill-gotten wealth they enjoyed for millennia. During that time we all suffered from their brutal and dark rule. This period is over. They continue to feed at the trough that has been set up to capture them, as their greed knows no bounds. Our divine associates have put most of them in a very uncompromising position. The rest are in conspiratorial partnership. The whole unholy lot have crossed boundaries and made themselves liable for arrest, seizure of their wealth and public disclosure of their most heinous crimes against humanity. In this position, these dark ones are pliable and we can easily sweep them inelegantly into the dustbins of history! The upcoming trials are merely the consequences of a number of quite ugly details.

The primary reasons for the long delays have been what we have just described. These obstacles are fading swiftly. The global currency reset, the new precious metal backing and new banking regulations can now manifest. These will be only the precursors for new governance and the delivery of a vast prosperity program. These items will permit us to begin teaching you about numerous sacred subjects long twisted or sequestered from you. The truth can then be fully revealed. We intend to show you a set of sacred truths that will alter your present beliefs about your past, your origin and your sacred philosophies. Those opinions that you presently hold need revision. These changes are only the first steps on your road to a true galactic consciousness. These truths in hand will allow your galactic comrades to add on to these revelations.

You have long felt uneasy about death, aging, poverty and suffering. There is a reason for your inner doubting. Galactic humans do not live as you do. They ascend after a truly joyous physical life that can last from centuries to millennia. We now have ascended, and in doing so, discovered why this is. We intend to use these lessons to answer questions that have long puzzled you. Each society has embodied traditions that paint a dark picture for humanity. The spiritual life is not to be separated from you by death. It is rather to be integrated in you by full consciousness. Your long inter-generational journey through the perilous realities of limited consciousness is to be transformed. This present revolution is a spiritual one and will bring you back to who you once were. It is to reunite you with other physical Angels and proceed with the unfolding of the Divine Plan!

Today, we carried on with the main purpose of this newsletter. We give you a glimpse into what is happening to you. Further, we have the task of preparing you for first contact and the rise in you of full consciousness. On all fronts, progress has been made and the manifesting of our mission is now happening! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

We have no idea of how powerful we are

We have no idea of how powerful we are. If we had even the slightest understanding we would be very careful and very response-able for how we use our power. Instead we jabber on and act indiscriminately in reaction to whatever and then we wonder why our life is so crazy and full of on going non-sense. If and when we decide to be more aware of how we use our power our life changes noticeably. We are what we think, by being consciously involved with our use of our own energy we give ourselves a gift of love beyond our imagination. You’ll never know if what I’m sharing is true or not until you check it out for your self. Put it to the test of experience for a period of time and see the difference in your life. Why not what do you have to loose? Unconscious clutter. Here is an encouragement from Kryon.

Change the World
From Kryon Book 3: Alchemy of The Human Spirit
Page 228 | Purchase

We say again to you that it is because of the change of the one, that affects the many. So if there were ever an evangelical approach to this new age, it would be in changing yourself… co-creating for yourself. Letting those around you observe you and change accordingly.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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