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Huge Changes on Planet

Let the changes continue they are going to happen anyway. As the energy of the Sun is being altered making way for the pole reversal, many unusual energy expression will be noticeable. Don’t panic the world is going through necessary changes just as we are. The vibration that we are moving into is slowly increased to allow the 5th Dimension to materialize. Our bodies are changing at the cellular level. We are becoming attuned to the new frequencies in a gentle and pain free way. We can help by being positive and trusting in our ability to cope and adjust to the changes. When in doubt breathe, pay attention to and work on deep breathing. Breath into your heart it will attune you to relaxation and inner peace. Here is an interesting energy channeling from Tom Kenyon.
Escalation of your current Chaotic Node
A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon
In relationship to previous Chaotic Nodes, this one is highly volatile.
From our perspective, the primary reason for this is related to changes in your Sun’s magnetic field. Indeed the escalation of this Chaotic Node is tied directly to the magnetic field shift that your Sun is entering.
There are anomalies present in this phase of your Sun’s magnetic field-shift, and your scientists are puzzled about the reasons for this odd behavior. As the Sun enters a more dynamic phase of magnetic reversal, including the period directly after the Sun’s magnetic poles shift, we anticipate further escalations of your current Chaotic Node. Any technological device or biological system that uses electromagnetic fields is subject to aberrations during this phase of the Sun’s magnetic pole reversal.
Do not be surprised if your computers and telecommunications devices present erratic behavior. As biological organisms, you are being continually stressed by this particular Chaotic Node, and depending upon your level of sensitivity you might be experiencing sleep disturbances, emotional volatility, cognitive dissonance, memory glitches and an inability to sequence mentally—in the ways you are used to.
While we mentioned these aberrations in our previous message, we think you will see an increase of these phenomena as your Sun enters a more dynamic shift in its magnetic fields—including the period after the actual magnetic pole reversal occurs.
We suggest you refer to our previous message, Cognitive and Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes, for a simple method that might assist you as you move through the escalation phases of this current Chaotic Node.

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