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The Law of Attraction

Why can’t I attract more of what I really want and less of what I keep getting? Is a Question a lot of us keep asking ourselves. We keep doing our best to take advantage of the Law of Attraction but it doesn’t work the way we are told it can. We may be doing the steps properly, visualizing, feeling the joy of manifestation. knowing that it will happen etc. but it doesn’t happen? Why/ The answers quite often is our belief system, what we feel we are worth, cancels or won’t allow what we want want to appear. We don’t think we can have more of what we want, we aren’t worthy. Other people can receive what they want but subconsciously we feel it won’t work so it doesn’t. We self sabotage and don’t know that we are doing it. We need to allow abundance or it won’t happen. Here is Abraham Hicks on allowing.
Allowing Nullifies Backward Swing of Pendulum
“When you are in the state of positive emotion and considering only what you are doing or thinking or speaking, you are Allowing yourself. When you are in the state of positive emotion regarding your view into another’s experience, you are Allowing another. It is that simple…. And so, you cannot have negative emotion about yourself and be in the state of Allowing yourself.
To be an Allower is to be one who feels positive emotion, which means that you must control what you are giving your attention to. It does not mean that you get everything in your world whipped into shape so that everything and everyone is just the way you want it to be. It means that you are able to see, and therefore solicit forth, from the Universe, from your world, and from your friends, that which is in harmony with you, while you let the other parts go unnoticed by you—therefore unattracted by you, and therefore not invited by you. That is Allowing, you see.
And we will tell you, friends, Allowing is the most glorious state of Being you will ever achieve on a long, ongoing basis. For once you are an Allower, you are spiraling upward and upward, for there is no negative emotion to balance you out and bring you down. There is no backward swing of the pendulum. You are forever and gloriously moving forward and upward!”
– Abraham Hicks (The Law of Attraction)

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