Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Are you doing your part in this expansion of conscious awareness? Are you paying attention to your use of your old limiting and restrictive habits? Are you still hanging on to doubts and fears? Are you choosing to Lighten Up every time you realize that you are adding to your resistance to your health and happiness by judging yourself and others with shoulda, woulda and couldas? Are you taking advantage of “I don’t do that any more, IAM feeling good’ ? Do you look for and find the value in your daily experiences and opportunities to grow in awareness or are you still complaining and pretending to be a victim to circumstances? Remember we are an integral part of an expanding consciousness and your use of you energy either adds to the light or the darkness. Here is what Kryon has to say.
Your Task is Universal
Each one of you carries a light, dear ones, that is seen clearly by every entity in the universe. There are entities so far away that you cannot even conceive that they might know of your light. However, they know what is taking place here, and they are preparing for their changes because of what you are doing. They are sending you love which is instant for what you have done. Your task on this planet is universal and it has very little to do with earth, did you know that? For what happens here will affect all of us, even the Kryon.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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