Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The simplicity of our Game of Life that we chose to play is so simple that our mind has difficulty in accepting it as our truth. We came here to see we would choose to play our chosen game this time. Free will means we can play any way we chose to, The Law of Attraction shows us the results of our choices daily. It all has to do with how we feel. The energy of our planet is emotion therefore our guiding principle, our guiding light is ‘How do we feel about what we do?’ If the answer is that we don’t feel good then the question is ‘Who is feeling what?’ If it doesn’t feel good then change what you did and do something that will please you and make you feel good. Who is doing what? we are no one is doing it to us, we are. It doesn’t matter what ‘they’ do, what matters is what do we do in response to what we think they are doing and we chose to take it personally. What are they doing that to us? and they aren’t doing it to us, we are. When we think, speak and do, we are doing it and using something outside of us as an excuse. That’s silly and stupid and we ignore how we feel and then do it again. Talk about self punishment! and we are doing it to our self. What a dumb choice. We could choose to play our Game of life with understanding, love and amusement and have a great time being creative on the positive side if we wanted to. The choice to come and play in our own way is up to us. Change your way of being playful and change your life. Or keep pretending you are a victim, the choice is yours. Here is a Kryon inspiration.
The Human Soul
FEBRUARY 23-24, 2013
If you have awakened to spiritual truth in a past life, there is strong potential it will greatly change the next life. So an old soul will go to another place that perhaps a young soul would not go. All of this is in the planning before the Wind of Birth, and you’re ready for it. You really are. Listen: No Human soul comes to the planet unwillingly or as punishment. Perhaps you should memorize that statement!
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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