Life Coach, MetaPhysician

What if you believed that there was nothing wrong with you and your life? What if you accepted that you were exactly what you wanted to be just as you are? What if you saw life as a game you chose to play just to see how you would chose to play it? What if you could transform doubts, fears and limitations by just changing the way you thought about them and how you chose to play with them? What if there were no problems only opportunities to be more creative in your choices in how you decide to deal with them? What if all of this were true and it’s only up to you to decide to see it that way? Would your life be more interesting? Would you enjoy the game more and be more interested in the challenge that the game offers? Think about it because all of that is true anytime you choose to accept it as your truth. BEING A HUMAN IS A SPIRITUAL GAME OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, that we chose to play to see how much fun we can have as a human and how long we will decide to take to remember that it’s only as serious as we make it. We can remember our essential Divinity and see through Divine eyes when ever we want to. It certainly puts the game of life in proper perspective. Why not chose to be a conscious player instead of an unconscious victim.

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