Life Coach, MetaPhysician

What do you believe?

What do you believe? This is the most important question to ask ourselves. Do you believe that you deserve abundance? Or do you believe that something is wrong or missing that you need to understand and get fixed before you are worthy of this abundance that is supposed to be our birth right? Our belief system is self created nobody did it to us we did. From conception to 7 years old we were judging ourselves by what we wanted and didn’t get, the way we wanted. We not only felt wrong and unworthy, we blamed ourselves and believed that unless we acted the way we felt they wanted us to we would spend our lives being a victim to what we now believed was true, Something is wrong with me and I need the approval of others to assure my self that I’m O.K. I’ve become a victim to what I believe to be true. Now subconsciously I keep looking for external justifications of my victim-hood. Proving to myself again and again of my feared unworthiness. Until I understand that I’m only a victim to my own belief system and change the way I’m thinking I will I will live in doubts and fears. Change the way you think and you will change your life. There is nothing wrong with any of us existence / God doesn’t make mistakes we can’t be wrong the worst we can do is silly and stupid. It’s time to chose to love ourselves just as we are. Then the door of abundance will be open to us. Here is a part of a Saul’s channeling to inspire you.
Your awakening is guaranteed, it is inevitable, there is no other option because, as divine beings created by God for eternal joy, your will and His are One, and His Will is that you shall awaken. You decided, briefly, to experience separation – a state that cannot exist simply because God created all as One with Him and within Him, and He is Reality, all that exists, there is nowhere to be separate – and so the illusion was born and you entered within it and closed off your awareness of God and of who You truly are, temporarily. It does seem that you have been enveloped within it for eons, and that is part of its illusory nature, but in truth your presence there has only been momentary, a brief moment of intense fantasy, as you will realize when you awaken.
God is Love, and because He created you, you too are Love. Love is undiscriminating, utterly inclusive, accepting and embracing of all that exists, and separation from It is utterly impossible! Nothing that God creates is ever separate from Him, and He is the only Creator. What you have been apparently experiencing for eons, a state of existence separate from Him and from one another, truly is an illusion no matter how real it seems to you while you are experiencing it – you have a term for a modern computer application “virtual reality,” which is like a very much scaled down version of the illusion that you constructed for yourselves. You could perhaps say “What goes around comes around.” It seems that you wanted an even more illusory illusion as an escape from the one that has seemingly contained you for so long!
Well you will escape by awakening into Reality, not by building another illusion! We in the spiritual realms are here to assist you in that process, and we are available to you 24/7, so do not hesitate to call on us. Humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, but many of you keep forgetting to hold the intent, and our job is to remind you to do so whenever you meditate or pray, or call on us for help.
Your collective ability to hold the intent to awaken is strengthening and intensifying as the Light bearers, wayshowers, and starseeds among you become ever more competent at sharing and extending the fields of Love that surround and envelop each one of you. You are all, all of humanity, enveloped in the divine field of Love in every moment of your eternal existence, but due to the decision to experience separation your awareness of this became very indistinct, unfocused, almost lost. Now that awareness is being restored, and as that happens you are reconnecting and weaving together your individual energy fields in a beautifully harmonious expression or reflection, in fact an exact mirror image of God’s Love for all of you, and it is drawing you together in recognition of your inseparable Oneness.
What is occurring is absolutely magnificent, and you are observing signs of this everywhere as more and more of you come together in prayer and meditation all across the world with the intent to promote peace and harmony among all peoples. New groups are forming daily for this divine purpose which further increases the strength and intensity of Love that you are now willingly and enthusiastically offering to all. The Light of human Love, an extension of God’s Love, is becoming ever brighter as you clean up your “mirrors” by removing all the smuts and congealed dirt that has dulled them – the unloving attitudes, mistrust, exclusivity, rejection, and judgments that have plagued humanity for so long – thus making them shine quite brilliantly as they also reflect the brightness of His Love for all of you.

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