Life Coach, MetaPhysician

December 1st

Numerically December is a 1, a new beginning. 2012 was a year of cellular preparation for conscious change. 2014 is a 7 which stands for ‘It’s time to be realistic’ You were born with a very important choice ‘Free Will’ and that is how you process your feelings.Your choice is to rationalize and analyze your feelings or to simply accept them and choose a positive action that is appropriate to the value and wisdom that your heart is inspiring you to be aware of. Free Will, choice is the foundation of everything. We chose to be born so we could learn from our choices the value of the life we chose to live. What ever we are it’s what we wanted to be as our spiritual challenge.
We never chose challenges we can’t handle. Self awareness of the positive value of the person we created is the first step. We came here to have a good time in this life in a body of choice and we all forgot and have been trying to improve what is already perfect for our individual purpose. It’s time to love what we are, just as we are, so we can share that love with anyone we wish to. Love is giving, sharing what we have, It’s not out there it’s already in our hearts. Self love is our hearts desire.

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