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First Spiritual Law is Free Will

The first Spiritual Law is Free Will, which means Choice, even No Choice is a Choice. So lets use our choice to make way for 2014, the year of receptivity, by making a few choices for ourselves. Lest choose to focus on being ‘Positively Selfish’ in 2014. Lets decide to take care of our selves consciously and give ourselves what we want so we will have more to share. We are the only one who knows what we want and how we want it and that has nothing to do with what we want from others. The nicer we are to ourselves the nicer we are to everyone else. When we choose to love ourselves we have love to share. By being conscious of our inner needs like acceptance, appreciation, alone time, pampering, etc. we are aware of what will make our day. By honoring ourselves we are becoming the person we really are and we are no longer a victim to expectations from others. The better we feel about ourselves and love ourselves, the more others will want to be around us and bask in our presence. The important thing is we have become important to ourselves. Here is what Kryon has to say.
Find the Divine
Live Kryon Channelling
Monterey, CA  |  February 26, 2012
Do you want happiness, Human? You’d better find the multidimensional God inside. The paradigm is shifting. It’s multidimensional, not single dimensional. You’ve got to start moving from that paradigm, which restricts everything you do to a reality of sameness and singularity, to one that opens the potentials of change for everything. The potentials can change your life, how you react to things, who you think you are, and who you were born to be. All of this information is rewriteable in your soul energy into a paradigm that is multidimensional and that includes the love of God and the joy of the moment.
What am I saying to you? I am saying that you’re going to remain unhappy, dear one, whoever you are reading this and hearing this, unless you decide to turn inward and find that which is divine. This requires new thinking out of the intellectual 3D box. It requires thinking multidimensionally and starting the process we’ve talked about over and over. Otherwise, you’ll simply wallow in the drama of the turmoil around you.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

New year for positive transformation

2013 has been a year of preparation for us to make ourselves available for the transformation that 2014 can provide. This will happen to those of us that have been working on being positive and open to change. For some of us the challenges have been extremely difficult and long lasting. The rewards though are increased strength and wisdom. Facing our struggles with gratitude though attracts awareness of the solutions that all problems contain. We are never faced with difficulties that we can’t overcome. Trust in  being capable of finding value in experience and having Faith in our ability to grow from our en devours will give us the power we need to accomplish our goals. Here is a channeling to help prepare us for 2014.
Mastering Receiving ~ Key Preparation for 2014
by Selacia
The year 2014 will come with opportunities for shifting your life in a grand way – do you feel prepared to receive your good?
How you relate to the world will be a key factor in what you experience during 2014. This can mean many things, of course, but for the purposes of this article, the focus is receiving.
How You Receive Influences Your Experience
The way you receive from the world will influence your experience and how you feel about your life. This is nothing new, of course. However, next year as the pace of evolutionary change quickens, you will need new levels of mastery involving receiving.
What’s receiving? It’s accepting or taking what is offered – by another person, group, entity, the world in general, or even spirit. What you receive can involve things like information, validation or praise, a physical object, a reward or financial compensation, or something you consider a blessing.
Mastery of receiving is rooted in self-love and a learned ability to consciously and appropriately receive what the world offers you. This involves being present, aware, and skilled with observation – discerning what is appropriate and precisely when to receive it. It means asking questions about what you are receiving, too, to gain clarity and understanding of how to respond.
As you become experienced with receiving, you intuitively recognize what is being offered and you know when something is in your highest good. You trust in divine timing, too, allowing that to guide your receiving. This means that you don’t try to get ahead of yourself, pushing for things before they are appropriate.
The DNA of Deserving and Receiving
You will be less likely to get impatient with timing issues if you believe that you deserve the good that can come to you. You cannot will this feeling, of course. The conditioning of most people, in fact, is to doubt whether they deserve to receive as much as the next person. This tends to be generational – meaning that your ancestors had the same conditioning and you inherited it in your DNA.
If you sense that your receiving ability could use a tune up, DNA-level patterns or beliefs are likely surfacing. How the energy works is that dysfunctional DNA beliefs get catalyzed by key life events and significant personal goals. In this case, the beliefs could relate to what you think you deserve or how you feel the world treats you. They get triggered when you are about to take another big leap forward or change something significant about your circumstances.
In reality, life is abundant and there is enough of everything to go around. You don’t have to stand single-file to wait your turn, and you aren’t gambling. Receiving is not about luck. It’s about being in a flow with life, trusting that flow, and observing the flow as it comes in.
You Must Trust You Deserve
For mastery, you must trust that you deserve to receive fully from the bounty of what is available to you.
In fact, if you doubt that you deserve something, your own self-doubt can block your awareness of gifts right outside your door! This circumvents your flow of incoming goodness, your mind being tricked to think that you cannot have what you want.
As part of that, something good indeed could show up, but your doubt could obscure your understanding. Example: you ask for help with something, then the next day a helpful person calls or you awaken from a dream with insights from spirit. Unable to connect the dots, you may be convinced that you received nothing.
24/7 Sending and Receiving
Think of yourself like a 24/7 sending and receiving station, broadcasting to and from the world. Even when you are sleeping, you are sending energetic impulses reflecting your thoughts, feelings, and desires. You are receiving during sleep, too, through dreams and by connecting with spirit.
Remember: spirit knows you intimately. Your higher self knows your question before you even ask. The mere asking of your question sets in motion an energetic exchange between you and spirit. This includes the physical world, of course, as spirit has unlimited means of communicating with you.
With wisdom, you will realize that the world is sending you an endless flow of beneficial energies, things, people, and opportunities. Some may be disguised as troublesome manipulators – like the boss who hovers over you, critical and trying to control your every move. Even that boss, however, bears a gift – stirring your desire to be more empowered.
End the year with a higher frequency by examining and updating your relationship with the world. You can do this through purposeful, conscious reflection of how you interact with people and the larger world. Invite spirit to reveal your blocks to receiving fully – ask to be shown how you can better master the art of receiving. Trust that in the asking, spirit begins to work with you, helping you to unravel old dysfunctional patterns and to embody the higher octaves of love.

Season to be Jolly!!

T’is the season to be jolly about being exactly what you are, just as you are. Is time to be grateful that you are as conscious of (to what ever degree that you are conscious of) the glory of you. Seeing the inner Divinity of yourself and everyone else. Understanding the value of your efforts to transform the difficulty of your daily life into the satisfaction of awareness. Being grateful for the insights that you acquire when you look for the strength to cope with your life’s difficulties and you find it. This feeling of satisfaction is your gift of love from yourself to yourself. Here is a channeling of inspiration to encourage more self love.
Making It Through the Holidays
by James Gilliland
An interesting phenomena is unfolding and it is unfolding on or just after the holidays.
Two intense waves of energy came in creating quite a process. The sensitives and light workers felt it first and much of the negative lower frequency energies were transmuted through them inabstentia. Last Sunday seemed to be the hardest yet most are still feeling the effects.
All I can say is lay the body down, pray and meditate ask that this move through quickly with no residual energies and ask for help on high to remove all lower frequency energies, fear, guilt, sadness, unworthiness, all wounds and traumas from past experiences. We need to release the past and there are legions unseen waiting to assist humanity and the earth in this process.
The shift is really hitting the fan. You will see intense changes on every level. 2014 is going to be quite a ride love the new world into being and let go of the old. Do what brings you joy in service to the Creator in all Creation. The separation game of the elite is coming to a close. It is unsustainable and not frequency specific to the evolution of Earth and all her inhabitants.
Be kind and loving to yourself, others, all life and set any necessary boundaries with those who are not. This is the foundation for Universal Law and it is the law of Creation pressing hard upon the Earth. We have nothing to loose other than the suppression that has held back heaven on Earth for eons.
Whether or not you believe Jesus was born in December, or if he really existed matters not. What matters is the archetype, his message which was demonstrated in his life. I personally have a long history with Yeshua, past lives and this life with Mary coming to me as a child saving my life. I am not Catholic these are universal beings. He appeared to me last night filling my body with light shooting out my feet after which I felt this intense darkness lift the same energies I am getting flooded with emails for help with.
I do not care if it was Jesus, the Greek name which means Son of Zeus, Yeshua, Joshua etc. I go by the inner sensitivity of the nature of this entity and his works. Focus on love, joy and bliss, set the intention to clear these energies and see what happens.
Worked for me, in fact it always works. Be well,
James Gilliland

Judge not or you will be judged is a Biblical quote

Judge not or you will be judged is a Biblical quote. If you chose to be born so you could fin the value or yourself and your life is true, which it is, then the only thing to judge is how you are handling what you chose to play with. WE never choose anything we didn’t want as a challenge and we never choose anything we can’t find the value of. Existence doesn’t make mistakes, we can’t be wrong. The worst we can do is silly and stupid, it’s silly to doubt ourselves and it’s stupid to continue habits that are negative and make us suffer. WE are unique there is only one person in this world like us. We created what we are just as we are as our spiritual challenge to see how long it would take us to realize and accept that we are O.K. just as we are. When I decide that I’m O.K. then I’ll see that you’re O.K. just as you are as well. Here is a Christmas comment I received from Kryon.
December Update
Dear Warren,
Black Sheep SantaIt’s the holiday season. This is supposed to be the happiest time of year, and if you read the newsletters of most of my colleagues, channelling friends, and other authors, they are packed with messages of joy, love, and good cheer. But let’s just call this season what it is… for many Light Workers, it’s often painful and frustrating!
This is where you get to do the once-a-year visit to certain relatives who know you are weird, or worse… you worship the devil! (in certain circles). You know I’m right. You can’t be yourself, and you often get indigestion at the main meal. You sit around the dinner table trying your best not to talk about “the metaphysical elephant under the table,” but with a little bit of wine, eventually some of the others start the inquisition.
Kryon has channelled about this very thing, and the advice is “See God in everyone. Be peaceful and not defensive.” Can I say that this is hard? It’s difficult!! But then this puts the “worker” in Light Worker, huh? Kryon goes on to say that this is the training ground for “compassionate action.” If you can do it with the relatives, you can do it with anyone!
So… go do it! Me, too. Smile at the chance to show them who you are instead of telling them. Be slow to anger, never defensive, and in love with a beautiful God who does not require anything but your awareness of your magnificence. They may never get it… but the kids are watching. They will. 🙂
Blessings to you,

Huge Changes on Planet

Let the changes continue they are going to happen anyway. As the energy of the Sun is being altered making way for the pole reversal, many unusual energy expression will be noticeable. Don’t panic the world is going through necessary changes just as we are. The vibration that we are moving into is slowly increased to allow the 5th Dimension to materialize. Our bodies are changing at the cellular level. We are becoming attuned to the new frequencies in a gentle and pain free way. We can help by being positive and trusting in our ability to cope and adjust to the changes. When in doubt breathe, pay attention to and work on deep breathing. Breath into your heart it will attune you to relaxation and inner peace. Here is an interesting energy channeling from Tom Kenyon.
Escalation of your current Chaotic Node
A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon
In relationship to previous Chaotic Nodes, this one is highly volatile.
From our perspective, the primary reason for this is related to changes in your Sun’s magnetic field. Indeed the escalation of this Chaotic Node is tied directly to the magnetic field shift that your Sun is entering.
There are anomalies present in this phase of your Sun’s magnetic field-shift, and your scientists are puzzled about the reasons for this odd behavior. As the Sun enters a more dynamic phase of magnetic reversal, including the period directly after the Sun’s magnetic poles shift, we anticipate further escalations of your current Chaotic Node. Any technological device or biological system that uses electromagnetic fields is subject to aberrations during this phase of the Sun’s magnetic pole reversal.
Do not be surprised if your computers and telecommunications devices present erratic behavior. As biological organisms, you are being continually stressed by this particular Chaotic Node, and depending upon your level of sensitivity you might be experiencing sleep disturbances, emotional volatility, cognitive dissonance, memory glitches and an inability to sequence mentally—in the ways you are used to.
While we mentioned these aberrations in our previous message, we think you will see an increase of these phenomena as your Sun enters a more dynamic shift in its magnetic fields—including the period after the actual magnetic pole reversal occurs.
We suggest you refer to our previous message, Cognitive and Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes, for a simple method that might assist you as you move through the escalation phases of this current Chaotic Node.

The Law of Attraction

Why can’t I attract more of what I really want and less of what I keep getting? Is a Question a lot of us keep asking ourselves. We keep doing our best to take advantage of the Law of Attraction but it doesn’t work the way we are told it can. We may be doing the steps properly, visualizing, feeling the joy of manifestation. knowing that it will happen etc. but it doesn’t happen? Why/ The answers quite often is our belief system, what we feel we are worth, cancels or won’t allow what we want want to appear. We don’t think we can have more of what we want, we aren’t worthy. Other people can receive what they want but subconsciously we feel it won’t work so it doesn’t. We self sabotage and don’t know that we are doing it. We need to allow abundance or it won’t happen. Here is Abraham Hicks on allowing.
Allowing Nullifies Backward Swing of Pendulum
“When you are in the state of positive emotion and considering only what you are doing or thinking or speaking, you are Allowing yourself. When you are in the state of positive emotion regarding your view into another’s experience, you are Allowing another. It is that simple…. And so, you cannot have negative emotion about yourself and be in the state of Allowing yourself.
To be an Allower is to be one who feels positive emotion, which means that you must control what you are giving your attention to. It does not mean that you get everything in your world whipped into shape so that everything and everyone is just the way you want it to be. It means that you are able to see, and therefore solicit forth, from the Universe, from your world, and from your friends, that which is in harmony with you, while you let the other parts go unnoticed by you—therefore unattracted by you, and therefore not invited by you. That is Allowing, you see.
And we will tell you, friends, Allowing is the most glorious state of Being you will ever achieve on a long, ongoing basis. For once you are an Allower, you are spiraling upward and upward, for there is no negative emotion to balance you out and bring you down. There is no backward swing of the pendulum. You are forever and gloriously moving forward and upward!”
– Abraham Hicks (The Law of Attraction)

Are you doing your part in this expansion of conscious awareness

Are you doing your part in this expansion of conscious awareness? Are you paying attention to your use of your old limiting and restrictive habits? Are you still hanging on to doubts and fears? Are you choosing to Lighten Up every time you realize that you are adding to your resistance to your health and happiness by judging yourself and others with shoulda, woulda and couldas? Are you taking advantage of “I don’t do that any more, IAM feeling good’ ? Do you look for and find the value in your daily experiences and opportunities to grow in awareness or are you still complaining and pretending to be a victim to circumstances? Remember we are an integral part of an expanding consciousness and your use of you energy either adds to the light or the darkness. Here is what Kryon has to say.
Your Task is Universal
Each one of you carries a light, dear ones, that is seen clearly by every entity in the universe. There are entities so far away that you cannot even conceive that they might know of your light. However, they know what is taking place here, and they are preparing for their changes because of what you are doing. They are sending you love which is instant for what you have done. Your task on this planet is universal and it has very little to do with earth, did you know that? For what happens here will affect all of us, even the Kryon.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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