Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Thanksgiving is an expression of Gratitude. It’s time for a gratitude check. How many times a day do you express your gratitude? In the morning mirror are you grateful for the person you see and another day to play with yourself or do you start your day feeling resentful? Do you count your blessings or do you think about what you don’t have? Do you realize how powerful you are and chose use your power to think positive? or do you think about what you feel is missing, what you don’t have? The choice is always ours and we are what we think. Gratitude is the key to open the door to creative solutions. Gratitude feels good and paves the way to seeing with our heart. When we see through our hearts we see the value of everything, our self, our lives. OUR LIMITATIONS LIVE IN OUR MIND, our power is in  our hearts. In our hearts there is nothing wrong. When I’m O.K. you’re O.K. and so is life. Here is some inspiration from the Masters:
Blessings! We come to talk to you about many things! Right now, you are in the midst of changes that are the precursors to full consciousness. These subtle alterations are doing what it took us many lifetimes to achieve. You are safely on the road to a new reality that requires your full participation. Thus, Heaven has forged a special partnership between the Agarthans, the Galactic Federation and us. This partnership is altering your reality in very precise ways. The current aspects that seemingly control your reality are fading. Their powers will be replaced by those who intend only the blessed best for you. At present, your reality seems stalled while promises of wealth are flashed before you and never realized. Rumors fly around like a swarm of hungry gnats. Confusing information likewise is continually bombarding you. This unholy situation is now ready to unravel. A wondrous event is ready to happen! Your Conscious Awareness and self love.

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