Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Life Coaching’s purpose

Life Coaching’s purpose is to assist the players to be able to play better. To help them to be more aware of habits that may interfere with their being a success and a winner of the game. The Game I’m referring to is the Game of Life.  The problem with being a Star player is the limiting habits of the individual belief system, we are our worst enemy. We came to earth to play the Game of Life with 100% power and ability to succeed and be a winner and then to make the Game more interesting. We make it more interesting by developing Doubts, Fears and accepted limitations. What we have developed only we can change. By identifying and releasing self created weaknesses we regain the essential power that we have always had and make the Game of Life an interesting challenge. We didn’t come here to suffer and fail, we came here to conquer Life’s challenges and become the champions we knew we could be when we chose to become a player. Winners and Losers are self created; the choice is individual, it’s up to us. Our approach to Life Coaching is to take advantage of Biofeedback from the body and enable people to understand what their body can tell them; what they can do to remove limiting behaviours and become their own master. The only true coach is the one within the body. The body knows everything , we just need to be able to communicate with it. That’s our approach, we help people to find out how they can help themselves. To us this is the true, effective and lasting approach to self improvement. We didn’t bring any negativity with us, we developed all of it after we arrived. What we have created only we can change, no one can do it for us. We love our spiritual challenges because they are self rewarding and develop an inner enthusiasm for life.  

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