Life Coach, MetaPhysician

How honest are we about ourselves? Are we really ready to take control of our lives or is the idea just an idea? What do we really want and what are we really going to do about it? We are such creatures of habit, an unconscious victim/slave to our own childhood belief system, that we created as our spiritual challenge before we were 7 years old. The challenge is the same for all of us, to find the value of creation beginning in the mirror. Existence doesn’t make mistakes we can’t be wrong, there is nothing wrong with any of us, we just believe there is and keep proving to ourselves that it’s true. “See, See I knew that I wasn’t good enough to be loved the way I want to be loved by others.” This is a childhood belief accepted by most of us as a child and still prevalent as an adult. The subconscious purpose is to encourage us to understand the truth of love which is to chose to understand our ability to love our self so we can know what love feels like and when we decide to love our self we then have love to share with those we choose to share our inner love with. So be honest, do you really love your self? Do you appreciate the way you approach the lessons of  experience and  the way you grow in consciousness because you have chosen to do so? Or are you still a procrastinator, a ‘Yeah But’ person. As we chose to be Grateful first to ourselves for deciding to take advantage of our life and Grateful for our challenges and Grateful that we can find the value in ourselves and our ability to cope and add our positive energy to this changing world that we are now a conscious part of. And so it is..

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