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How responsible are we being when we use our energy to think about our self and our daily life? Are we feeling grateful for all of opportunities we get to test our abilities to cope and grow in strength and wisdom from our encounters? Or are we still bitching and complaining about how difficult and  stressful our life is? We are such creatures of habit that a lot of our life is repetitive reaction instead of conscious response. By changing our old negative habits with new positive habits, we change our lives by taking advantage of the Law of Attraction, what we express we get back. This takes     
focused intention and perseverance and is definitely worth our effort. “I din’t do that anymore!! I am feeling good !’ really works, keep using it, I certainly do. Here is a channeling from the Angels for inspiration.
Ann’s Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
Life just “is” and you get to choose how you experience and label it. You get to label life as “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” “desirable” or “deplorable.” Through the way you choose to interpret the simple facts of life, you get to create a happy or a sad experience of reality.
Most of your labels were programmed into you in early childhood. You can choose to change them. What if, for example, every time you spilled the milk, your parents said to you, “Oh how pretty! Look at all that white liquid running all over! I wonder if we can mop it up quickly! Here let us see who can clean this up faster! Ready, set, go!” What if every time you made a so-called mistake, those around you said, “Congratulations! You made a mistake! You have taken a risk! You are learning! We are so proud of you!” What if every time someone was angry at you, those around said to you, “Oh I’m so sorry that this person is hurting so much that they had to take their anger out on you. Let us join our hands and hearts and pray that they feel better soon.” We offer these suggestions, dear ones, to help you see that most of your interpretations of life were given to you in childhood. Now, you as adults, get to choose whether or not they make you happy.

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