Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Energy attracts itself

Energy attracts unto its self the equivalent of our thoughts and experiences that vibrate at the same frequency. Disease, sickness. ill health of all kinds, negative experiences, like on going difficulties of financial insecurities, loss of employment, doubts, fears and accepted limitations are all low vibration creations. There is nothing wrong  wrong with any of us we all have the ability to raise our vibrations by looking for and finding the value of our selves and our lives. When we chose to believe in our selves and look for the value of our experiences, we begin to raise the frequency of our energy and start attracting higher vibration realities. Our health improves, we attract opportunities to enhance our lives in many ways, like attracts like. Change the way you think. Visualize the kind of life you want, believe that you deserve it and work on accomplishing your heart’s desires. Doubt your doubts trust the Law of Attraction is now working for you instead of against you. As we raise our vibrations by choice we are rewarded accordingly. There is so much waiting for us to experience by owing it and attracting it by choosing to raise our vibrations by ‘JUST DOING IT!’ You can change your focus from Oh NO to Oh Yes. 

Any time you decide to do so. It’s your movie, it’s up to you.

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