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Who are Light Workers?


What does being a ‘Lightworker’ mean? It essentially means that the Lightworkers have lived enough lives to be able to transform the confusion of  unawareness into understanding the value of their existence. They have evolved to a level of conscious awareness ability. They are able to choose to shine their inner light into the unknown, darkness. They are capable of seeing the positive value of negativity. They are the planters of the seeds of the new world that will manifest from their progressive visions. They have chosen to be the creators of a better world for our children and us to return to. Of course they because of ‘Free Will’ they have to chose to do what they came here to do. Here is part of a Kryon channeling explaining Darkness.
The Darkness. Is It Alive?
Right now, you think you have an idea how dark and light work on the planet. So let’s bring this up in a way that you’ll understand. Let’s talk about dark and light attributes yet again. We have given you the information over and over that darkness is defined as the absence of light. Yet what do you do with this? In your spiritual mythology, you have decided that darkness must be intelligent. There has to be a consciousness behind darkness, you say, and because of this, there is a dark force with a name and, therefore, you fear it. You don’t understanding that physics demands that darkness can’t exist in the light! Yet you still don’t believe it. Darkness is a balance, not an entity.
Right now, there are Humans saying, “Wait a minute, Kryon. Do you mean there’s no such thing as evil?” I didn’t say that. Listen, Humans are powerful, and when Humans take that which has no light and they apply it to a consciousness of their own design, it becomes Human evil. Now, that has consciousness because a Human put it there. But alone, there is no entity out to capture your soul. Period. There is only a balance of dark and light. Humans are responsible for making darkness look like it has intelligence, because manifestation works both positive and negative.
All of you are used to a certain balance on the earth. But it’s not an intelligent balance. That’s the first thing that you have to learn, Lightworker. There’s no force against you! You don’t believe it when you are told this. This is difficult for you, because you’ve always been taught there is something pushing against everything you do. Indeed, there is, but it is represented by Humans in the dark and not darkness with a personality.
The brighter your light, the less darkness can be around. “Oh, Kryon, I love that. How can I make my light brighter?” That’s easy! It’s by not fearing the dark! When you fear the dark, you give it your energy, don’t you? So what is it you fear? It’s survival, isn’t it? For in the past, the darkness created by Humans has created turmoil in your life. Your very survival was at stake. Now that changes, and so does the dark/light balance.
There are so many things here, dear one, that you’re going to have to recalibrate. Who are you trying to please, Lightworker? Let me ask you this: If you’re trying to please God, you are! I wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. If you’re trying to please those on the other side of the veil, who in some cases are your own parents looking back at you, you are! By the light that you have put here and by the light that you carry, all is well. Do you feel that? Or are you looking around for some other approval somewhere and not getting it? It’s time for you to recalibrate these feelings.
I want you to understand something: God doesn’t have Human emotions. God isn’t sitting around hoping anything or wishing you would do this or that. God is the creative source of the Universe and you are part of this God. Therefore, to “please God” is to love yourself enough to be part of the wholeness of God. There are things you should know about the way you think and what is going to change. 

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