Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Consciousness is like a Spiritual library, it contains everything, all truths of reality and fantasy. We as humans are consciously aware of a very small part of this all pervading truth. We have purposely limited our amount of this existing reality as a individual spiritual challenge to see how we decide to react to being the unique human we chose to be in every life. We are consciousness re-discovering our self. We are limited consciousness becoming self conscious by choice, in our own way and our own time. We are a spiritual challenge in process of self realization and unconscious of the Game of Life we chose to play. So most of us begin our lives feeling unworthy, a victim to our chosen difficulties. We never choose anything we didn’t want as a challenge to become aware of and we never choose anything we can’t find the positive value of. This is our chosen way of re-membering. (becoming a member again of pure consciousness) How are you doing? are  you working on  your conscious awareness or are you still pretending that you are a victim. Here is a health tip from Abraham.
Why Some People Are Healthy All the Time
“Consciousness designed the universe to play in it, consciousness can change its vibration by changing thought and since the vibration of consciousness and the vibration of the body it is merged with are so intimately connected, the decisions of a conscious being can affect cellular health and even alter cellular growth. That is why some people can be healthy all of their lives while others are often sick. That is why two patients can have the same disease, receive the same medication and respond differently.
That is how tumors can go into spontaneous remission, and even disappear. Usually the latter only occurs when there is great necessity, for the thought stream on your planet is very definitely biased toward biological explanations and answers. But occasionally, even on earth, consciousness is able to assert itself, even though standard medicine dismisses these events as anomalies. And of course they are correct –– for such events are rare. But they are rare only because most people have no idea of the power of consciousness, and have no idea of the power of thought.”
– Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same Entity known as Abraham Hicks)

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