Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Conscious Awareness

In search of the ‘Simple’ has been my approach to Conscious Awareness. I discovered early in life that the truth was a simple reality of how our energy works in this world we call Earth. I realized that hat there was a reasonable answer to what seemed to me to be difficult situations and if I looked for it I could find it. Even in the Bible there were statements of simplicity for example “Seek and yea shall find” It took a lot of seeking before I got the message which for me was, my mind kept telling me that life was difficult, so I was focused on discovering how difficult my life was, and sure enough I found difficulty everywhere. When I finally realized that I was a victim to what I believed was true (my belief system) I changed my search to understanding the ‘Simplicity’ of my life and everything changed. I stopped pretending that I was a victim to my programmed mind and became a student of Conscious Awareness. It was that simple and it can be that simple for everyone. Change your idea of being a victim to anything and become a seeker of Conscious Awareness. Believe me it’s a self rewarding choice, it certainly is for me.

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