Life Coach, MetaPhysician


We have no idea of how strong we are. When we Think, Speak and Feel, it’s like the boss saying “do this, this way or you will not only get fired but you will perish!” This may seem a bit exaggerated but essentially true. Every time we Think, Speak and Feel we are giving survival commands to our reality, we are creating our reality. We are imprinting our energy field with an intention, we are influencing our bodies with the level of the frequency of the our thoughts. All low frequency thoughts attract low frequencies to us, we are a magnet that attracts the equivalent of what we express Disease, Emotional Turmoil, Accidents, Difficulties of all kinds are products of Low Frequencies expressed unconsciously by us. Problems essentially are opportunities for awareness, growth potential, Spiritual Challenges, not negativeness. When we start to understand how really powerful we really are .we start taking control of how we chose to use our power and transform our lives into the life we chose to create instead of the life we have been creating with careless thoughts and actions. We’ve been given a simple and effective way to make this transformation easily so please use it as often as you can. When you realize you are stuck in an old negative habit: ” I DON”T DO THAT ANYMORE!, I’M FEELING GOOD!” Here is some encouragement from the Angels: MESSAGE FROM THE ANGELS by Ann Albers My dear friends, we love you so very much. Each moment of your life is new, precious, and unique. It can never be recreated exactly the same way. In each moment, you get a chance to say, “Who am I now? What do I want to bring into this moment? Do I want to bring my past into my present? Do I want to create a new experience? Do I want to see what unfolds?” You get to choose, dear ones, what you bring into each special, precious, and unique “now.” If your past was painful you can make a choice right now to focus on something better. You can say, “Yes, I remember how much something hurt me, but in this moment, no one is hurting me now. No one is in charge of my reality now except for me! Now I choose to take my attention and turn it away from the pain. I choose to love myself and be kind to myself. I choose to do something nice for myself. I choose to focus on something that uplifts my soul. I choose to focus on perhaps uplifting another’s soul. I choose to focus on anything I possibly can, however small, that is loving and kind.” And in this fashion, dear ones you build spiritual muscle. You practice turning away from habitual and ingrained memories and thoughts that do not make you feel good… now. You learn that you and you alone get to choose who and what is carried with you into each moment. You remember, that you are a NEW YOU with each and every breath you take. Likewise, even your most positive memories cannot be recreated, but rather can be made once again, anew. When you fall in love with a person, do not expect them to be the same tomorrow. Look at them as if you see them for the first time, as if you love them for the first time. When you fall in love you look for the best in another. What if you could look for the best in each other, all beings, every day? Likewise, say you enjoy an event, a celebration, or a ritual such as eating your breakfast and drinking your coffee. See if you can recreate this experience anew every time you enjoy it by bringing the full focus of your love and attention into the present. Do not expect things or people to be the same… bring your best self to them, and then they may be even better! Dear ones, each moment, each breath, is a gift. We know how difficult it is to overcome the human tendency to carry the past into the future, however, with practice, you can learn to create each moment, fresh and new, bringing only the love you wish to see into the present, and therefore, also into the future. God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels

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