Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Love yourself

The number one dis-ease with us humans is Self-deprecation, finding fault essentially with what we think isn’t as good as it should be, for others to appreciate and love us the way we want to be loved and appreciated. We judge ourselves by the way we think others are judging us. We keep seeking for what we want in the outside world. It’s not there! We are the only ones who know what we want and how we should get it, so all we have to do is to give it to ourselves. We need to chose to be ‘Positive Selfish’ We and we can give it to our selves any time we decide to do so. What we really want is to be Loved and we think it’s out there, somewhere? Until we Love our self, just as we are, we don’t know what Love is and we don’t have Love to share. Until then we are unfulfilled beggars. And it’s silly, we expect someone else who hasn’t decided to Love themselves to Love us, they can’t. We keep blaming ourselves and others in the ‘Where is the one who really Loves me?’ The answer for all of us is ‘IN THE MIRROR!’ When we choose to Love our self, just as we are life begins consciously, until then we are all victims to our self created belief system that believes we are unworthy of the Love we crave, GIVE IT TO YOURSELF, it’s there in your heart and forever available. Once we give it to our self we have Love to share with anyone we care to share it with and we don’t need anything in return. When we experience our own Love, we can accept Love from the outside world. True Love is sharing what we already have. It’s that simple check it out, you’ll Love it.

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