Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Life Coaching


There are numerous approaches to Life Coaching. Essentially it means assisting people to be more consciously aware of themselves and the limiting habits our mind sets that may be making their lives more difficult. We are what we think and until we understand how muck our belief system is limiting our lives we are literately a victim to our accepted ideas of our self. What we think we are, what we think the world is, was developed by us in our first 7 years. From conception to 7 we are into Instinctive Survival. Our ability to reason is focused on Justification, why we don’t deserve getting what we want the way we would like to have it, we blame ourselves, we think something is wrong with us, we don’t deserve the abundance that is our birth right. So we generally live down to what we decided we were as a child, we believe we don’t deserve better, we limit ourselves and aren’t conscious that we are doing so. Our Life Coaching method is ti Identify and eliminate any limitation that may interfere with our essential purpose to achieve the life we really want and may be unsure how to achieve. In our approach to Life Coaching we use Bio-Feed back from the clients body to them to change limited beliefs into a success story, Change the way you believe, the way you think, change your life. In our training we will teach you how you can help others to help them selves. The world needs you, let us teach you how to be a Life Coach, learn how to help your self and then you can help anyone that would like to improve their lives.


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