Life Coach, MetaPhysician


Love is the glue that holds everything together. Love is the true energy expression of our hearts. We came to earth to play in the Earth’s energy and  share our hearts with others by choice. The problem is that in order to share it we need to chose to feel it within our selves, we need to chose to love and appreciate ourselves just as we are. Most of us don’t do that very much if at all. We focus on external love. We are constantly judging whether others love us or not? We create our idea of our worth and love ability by what we get or don’t get from them. Which is really silly, we expect love from people who most likely don’t love them selves. How could they? Until we chose to love ourselves we don’t have love to share. WE chose to be exactly what we are and then spend most of our life, or perhaps all of our life trying to fix something that we feel is wrong with us or others would love us the way we want them to. Until we chose to love ourselves we can’t accept love from others even if they do love us. The magic, the the key that opens the flood gates of love is is Self Love! Understand and appreciate your own creation, YOU! Chose to feel the love that is your heart and then share it freely with no expectations and a loving life begins. That’s the Game of Life. How are you playing it? LOVE and LIGHT to all.

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