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Free Will

The more you understand what ‘Free Will’ means the more you will accept your self and all others. Free will is our inspiration for positive change. Do what ever you feel like doing,you can’t do wrong, the worst you can do is Silly and or Stupid. By realizing that our actions were silly or Stupid we can chose to fine tune what we do next time. Silly and Stupid are educators they can increase our awareness and wisdom. By being brave enough to risk success and explore new opportunities in our lives, we get stronger and develop a much more interesting world of new sensibilities. Free Will and The Law of Attraction are our gifts of Growth. Take a chance, expand your horizons, learn from your experiences. Here is some wisdom  about differences from Kryon.
Physics of Love 
“Kryon Book VI”
Partnering with God 
When you truly recognize light, there isn’t one of you who will choose the dark instead. If it seems that this takes place, then the light was never actually seen. The God within you, or “Higher Self,” will always guide you to the truth. Your entire reason for being here is to discover this, and once it is before you, there isn’t one of you that won’t step into the light of home. Exposure to a higher vibration carries the attribute of severing the desire for a lower one. It is the physics of love. 
Blessed are those who come in with the gender of one physical type, but who have the consciousness of another. For they are indeed loved beyond measure, just like you. They are family! They have chosen a difficult challenge, and you are part of it! 
God does not hate. All are family members, and it’s time you understood, dear ones, that there are cellular challenges given to some of you that are great, indeed. Some have to do with those who have one physical gender and another gender of consciousness, and that’s a profound challenge, right on schedule. 
Some in your own culture have decided that God does not smile on these individuals. They actually have told you that God deplores and hates them. Does this sound like the Mother/Father God? Does this sound like family? Who do you think made those rules long ago—and for what reason?! 
~ KRYON through Lee Carroll 

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