Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Abundance is our birth right. We can have anything we want the problem is our self worth. What are our doubts and fears? What are our believed limitations? Why can’t we reach our goals and fulfill our dreams? The answer is the same for all of us who are struggling and not achieving the life we would prefer to the life we are living. We subconsciously get in our own way. We have a self esteem problem. We don’t believe in our selves and or blame ourselves. We think we must have done something in this or another life that we shouldn’t have done and we are being punished for our sins. We can’t be wrong and existence (God) doesn’t judge and doesn’t punish. We create our own limitations. The only thing we are a victim to is our own idea of our selves. If and when we decide to change our attitude about ourselves we will change our life. It all begins with self acceptance as is and self love. WE can start right now. Doubt your Doubts and love your friend in the mirror. I help people do this for them selves in sessions everyday. What they can do, you can do. The only thing wrong about you is the way you think. Change the way you think, change your life.

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