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Practice response-ability

A good way to raise our vibration is to chose to practice response-ability. To do this is to think about what you are going to say before you speak, mind before mouth, especially when speaking about something someone else has said. Before you say anything ask yourself “Am I being reactive, Is what I’m going to say positive, will it make me and others feel good, is it constructive, will it inspire a positive response, does it really matter, will it be offensive to who hears it, is it important?” By choosing to say words that will have a high vibration we raise our level and inspire a higher vibration in return. If you are hearing criticism from others then chose to accept what was said a just their opinion and don’t feel that you need to react to it. The conscious response to other’s opinions is “Isn’t that interesting.” Being defensive is a low vibration. Good Luck with conscious communication. It takes practice. Here is something from Kryon.
Your Akash 
“The Three Winds”
Saskatchewan & Alberta, Canada – Feb 2013 
So the Akashic Record is not just a record of how many times you’ve been here, but rather how much spiritual knowledge and life experience you have awakened to through all your planetary experience. The Akash is a sacred library that you pick up and hold through each lifetime and then into the next. You add to it every time you come and go on the planet, and it helps to develop and alter what your next life may be about. Remember the axiom we have given in the past: You will never have to return to a less-aware state. Once you open the metaphor of the “spiritual Akashic jar”, all spiritual learning is available from all lifetimes, all accomplished learning.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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