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If you had the faintest idea of what’s going on and how powerful you are now, you’d be sitting joyfully in meditation visualizing a wonderful world full of beautiful people solving all and any restrictions to our well being creatively and efficiently. That is part of our job you know, planting the seeds of the kind of world we want to come back to the next time we decide to come and play the ‘Human on Earth Game.’ Plus the kind of a world be want our children and their children to have to live in. So lets do our job and spend some time adding our energy to planning ahead. Here is a channeling to encourage your conscious participation.
Divine energy
Message from Michael 
We congratulate all those who have been, and continue to be, detached from the apparent chaos that surrounds you at this time. As usual, all is not as it appears to be from your perspective.
There is, in fact, a great deal to be joyful about, even in those events which hold so much of your attention if you let them. Of course we recommend that you not give them that much attention. Still, we recognize the difficulty of that. So let us say that what appears so terrible on the surface, as we have stated prior to these happenings, is only the clearing of the way for much more positive things.
It is now the time for seeing the situations clearly so that beneficial changes can be made later. It is time for the fog to disperse, so to speak. And so it appears that, no matter in which direction you look, there are things which are undesirable to you. That is not any more true than such statements usually are, but it would seem that way, would it not?
May we point out, as has been said, that all of these things are coming up for clearing from your consciousness and your world. In the exposure, they will simultaneously trigger your desires for their replacements. This is how it works.
Release the negativity and place your full attention and intent on the positive outcome. And intend it for all, dear ones. This is the energy which will bring your new world into reality for you. We believe you call it ‘greasing the skids’. And trust that we are applying as much or more of the ‘grease’ than you are. That is our function and our pleasure.
Now, Yeshua would have a word, if you please.
Message from Yeshua
Good day, dearest friends.
Michael has spoken many times in the past about energy. I would say a word or two about your use of it in the context of the above.
You understand by now that you are immersed in the highest and most intense field of divine energies that have ever surrounded your planet. This flows through you at all times, in your every instant. So when these higher intentions come to you, when you are in your quiet times and in your hearts, reach with your hearts for the feeling and the knowing of these energies and allow them to fill you and your intentions, to energize them. Then release that energy out into your world. Feel its power. Know its effect. It is there to be used, dear Ones. Use it. Do not be bashful about it.
As we tell you over and over, you are creating. You are creators. Be good at it. Actually, you are, you know. But you are learning that you are, and that is wonderful.
We bid you good day now, and will return again soon. We love you.

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