Life Coach, MetaPhysician

With all of the changes in the energy of our planet and the available increase of consciousness that’s ours to receive, why don’t more of us wake up and accept that things are different? The restriction is always our belief system. We hear all these statements of the ‘New World’ and its benefits but we don’t see or feel any different. It all sounds great and is certainly needed but it all seems the same to a lot of us. Our old belief of what we think of ourselves and this world are so strong that they interfere with the ability to look for, see and find the differences that others do. A key to help your self to be able to tune in to this expanded energy is to meditate and ask spirit for assistance from your heart and know that it will happen in its own time. Doubt your Doubt and be more loving to your self and all others. Don’t judge your self or anyone just become an observer and be patient. Here is part of a channeling to inspire us.
The coming times are the end times for your old reality. Your society is to be transformed into a galactic society. This will be achieved by a wonderful symmetry that is now unfolding around your world. Through an amazing series of interconnections a vast network has formed which is largely unknown to most of you. As it continues to flourish and spread, we do all we can to sponsor these scattered components and connect them to each other. Not a day goes by without some part of this network discovering and hooking up to this ever-expanding web. Like children exploring a bright new world, this expansion knows no bounds. Its capacity and range are accelerating, and this indicates that your new reality is indeed inevitable. This grassroots network has a life of its own and cannot be stopped. It is about to encounter the new structures that our allies are building and the subsequent melt will bring the whole to another level. This will be the point at which this quiet revolution is to make itself known. A new epoch for humanity is manifesting before your eyes!

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