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Living Life



Why do most of us make our lives so difficult? Why do we struggle and fuss as much as we do with our daily problems? Why are we constant seeking for appreciation and love from others? Why do we feel that we are constantly being judged by others? What’s our problem anyway? The answer is simple. We are constantly judging our self. We don’t understand the ‘Game of Life’. We are what we wanted to be, just as we are, we just haven’t accepted that what we are is exactly what we wanted to be so we can see life and it’s wonders through our uniqueness. We haven’t accepted  our selves as is as being our selected creation that will enable us to meet life as a spiritual challenge. We don’t believe in our self. We can’t be wrong, there is nothing to fix. we are perfectly imperfect as part of our chosen challenge. We have nothing to achieve except conscious awareness of the beauty and value of our chosen existence and to chose to love ourselves just as we are, so we have love to share with whom ever we choose to share it with. It’s time to trust in our self and stop looking outside for what can only come from inside. The more we give our self, the more we have to share. The more we give the more we get. Check it out, what if you started to doubt your doubt and gave yourself what you wanted the way you wanted it. What if you trusted yourself and approached your problems as opportunities to be wiser and stronger by dealing with them knowing that you can find the good, the value in everything. Starting with your friend in the mirror. We came here to enjoy life not suffer it. It’s time to play at work and work at play.

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