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What is Meditation

One of the main agreements that is expressed by those who say they are our guides to a higher level of Consciousness, is that it’s valuable to meditate. Meditation is a process of settling the mind, giving it a break from thinking. This improves with regular practice. When the mind is silent, when we don’t use it, it becomes a receptor of higher frequencies of awareness, we become available to Cosmic truth. I’ve shared a part of a channeling from Buddha that shares the principle meditation.
Buddha: And welcome to you. I come to you as wayfarer and yes, as always, I ask you to sit with me underneath the Bodhi tree for what better place is there to observe the coming of miracles, the fulfillment of creation, the unfoldment of the Plan and the unfoldment of your plan? We have taught you how important it is, might I say essential, to know your sacred purpose, to know your mission and purpose and your intention of how you wish to fulfill this in this incarnation, which is of course one of many, but it is a continuity is it not?
And, yes, there is a time for action and there is a time for stillness. But most of you have the greatest amount of difficulty with the stillness. And this is why I ask you to sit with me as observer, in detachment, under the tree.
We simply watch. And you know when you sit and you watch, not in any form of judgment, not even really in discernment, but simply as the observer, you learn a great deal. And it is a great deal about humanity, about the universe, and about yourself.
So we do not sit under the Bodhi tree together and watch people pass by and say, “Well that one’s robe is too tight or the sash is tied wrong or where did he buy those sandals, where does she think she’s going in such a hurry?” No. We simply sit. And in our energy we bless each being that passes by. Now what do I mean by this? I mean that you bless each person, not simply with compassion but with the love of your heart.
You do not attach to either your vision or theirs. This is a very important understanding for humanity that has an infamous tendency to get caught up in the drama of both their own lives and certainly of others as well.
That is why it is so critical at this juncture that you truly learn to be the observer. Because when you are fully anchored as the observer you are in detachment. You’re simply watching and when I use the word “watching” I certainly do not simply mean with your eyes or even your etheric eyes, I mean with your heart. So it is not that you are simply watching and gathering information, you are truly observing and seeing into a person’s heart, their mind their soul, their frequency, their struggles, their joys, and you are loving them.  

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