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Love is the glue that holds everything together. Love is the true energy expression of our hearts. We came to earth to play in the Earth’s energy and  share our hearts with others by choice. The problem is that in order to share it we need to chose to feel it within our selves, we need to chose to love and appreciate ourselves just as we are. Most of us don’t do that very much if at all. We focus on external love. We are constantly judging whether others love us or not? We create our idea of our worth and love ability by what we get or don’t get from them. Which is really silly, we expect love from people who most likely don’t love them selves. How could they? Until we chose to love ourselves we don’t have love to share. WE chose to be exactly what we are and then spend most of our life, or perhaps all of our life trying to fix something that we feel is wrong with us or others would love us the way we want them to. Until we chose to love ourselves we can’t accept love from others even if they do love us. The magic, the the key that opens the flood gates of love is is Self Love! Understand and appreciate your own creation, YOU! Chose to feel the love that is your heart and then share it freely with no expectations and a loving life begins. That’s the Game of Life. How are you playing it? LOVE and LIGHT to all.

Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God

In case you haven’t already read Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God, I highly recommend  that you do, at least Volume # 1 of the three. It can give one a clear understanding of what we are involved with in this world. I found no fault with what was said and it is also amusing. To me this life is rather amusing from a divine spiritual point of view. The more spiritual truth we can accept the more amusing it all becomes. For example ” I’m doing what with my energy when I  chose to think and speak? That’s silly and stupid (a lot of the time). So if you haven’t read it, do so, and if you have you’ll know what I’m talking about. Here is an example of the book.
Nothing Happens by Accident
Such was Jesus’ compassion that He begged for a way — and created it — to so impact the world that all might come to heaven (Self realization) — if in no other way, then through him. For he defeated misery, and death. And so might you.
The grandest teaching of Christ was not that you shall have everlasting life — but that you do; not that you shall have brotherhood in God, but that you do; not that you shall have whatever you request, but that you do.
All that is required is to know this. For you are the creator of your reality, and life can show up no other way for you than that way in which you think it will.
You think it into being. This is the first step in creation. God the Father is thought. Your thought is the parent which gives birth to all things.
–Conversations With God, Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch


We keep hearing that creating a new and better world is our purpose and some of us may need some advice what we are supposed to visualize. Besides all of the nice and sensible things we may put into our vision I’ve added a list of some of the things we can and should add in case we hadn’t thought of them. They are commonsense and very important to add to our vision. Please include them.
A Vision for Stewardship
I see a world where the earth’s soils are restored to abundant, vibrant health; where soils that have been depleted and eroded away, the hardpan is soothed and healed; where desert boundaries are shrinking again and true soil is restored to each wounded place; where the microbiota, the plants and animal life unique to each place return to home and thrive; and where the plant and animal life out of place return to home or to the soil; each to its place, in balance in spirit and space. 
Renewed soils and forests call out to the mists, the rains and the dew and they respond in kind. Streams and springs are running full, clean and healthy. Our reefs and coastal stretches are cleansed of decades of soil and oil. We harvest and recycle the plastic patches in the sea. Our oceans and all that reside there are cleansed of toxins; the ocean teems with life again. The amazing biotic and energetic networks that once held all ecosystems and organisms in graceful and elegant balance are reconnected. Our hands work together and we all take up this loving work, this healing, in recognition of the blessed relationship we have with the earth and the universe. 
Our gardens and farms are restored to the wealth of diversity they once knew. We no longer need or use chemicals to grow food because we are tending the soil in the way that it needs us to. We are receiving bountiful, healthy, delicious food and in return we care for that which feeds us. Everyone is fulfilled in body or spirit; we all have access to clean water and good food. We share and support each others’ wellbeing and in doing so, we need less and our abundance deepens. We place our care of the earth in the center of all our decision making and in that way we are also supported. We are listening, hearing and understanding the messages of the universe. In doing so, we become family once again.
–The Intenders of the Highest Good; Vision Alignment Project by Pua

Understandings about karma

I want to update any limited understandings about Karma. The true meaning of Karma is ‘Lessons unlearned’ experience is our opportunity to learn and grow and we do that by finding the value of every experience. Existence does not create anything that isn’t valuable. Our job is to look for and understand the value. When we don’t find the value we create the necessity for the lesson to return until we see its positive purpose, then Karma is finished, its made us stronger and wiser. By taking the responsibility to overcome negative reactions to any experience we have been given a magic intention that transforms Karma into responsibility. So to take advantage of this gift of transformation all we need to do is to pay attention to our reactions to experience and when we realize we are reacting negligently say out loud “I DON’T DO THAT ANY MORE! I AM FEELING GOOD.” Be conscious use to again and again. This is the best gift we can give to ourselves. Every time we  Good idea.use it we ‘Lighten Up’ 

Changes in our Civilization

For a lot of us the influence of the changing energy to our bodies is noticeably stronger, our mood changes as well. We know that things are different, it’s important to see this as a positive value. Let the changes continue is a wise response, isn’t that interesting is an intelligent point of view. We’ve been living in limited awareness long enough. We have 18 more years of adjustment to the 5th dimension and more adventitious existence. Help awareness is on the way we just need to be patient and grateful that we chose to be an active participant to all of it. Here is part of a channeling about our changing world.
We have to see all the things that are now happening as very interconnected and quite representative of a profound holistic pattern that the Supreme Creator is weaving for us. This divine plan is being unraveled before us in a most incredible and wise way. Each move is being made like the moves of a most enlightened chess master. Each step has a meaning that exists on many levels at once. Every move is designed to impress each of us toward one wonderful goal — first contact with our ancestors and our galactic brothers and sisters. This path leads toward a deep reflection into the true meanings of the human soul and how this truth forms the basis of who we truly are. For this underlying truth is the foundation for all knowledge. We are all seekers of what is real and of how this reality forms the basis for all things that exist in Creation. We all endeavor in some way to amalgamate our truths with the profound ways of the Supreme Creator. Now is the time when this wish shall be granted not just to a select few, but to all of us.
We are now in the interim period before a first contact is attempted between us and the member star nations of the Galactic Federation. What it means to us is that we are now on the verge of a new global society that will allow us to finally see who we really are. Many scholars have attempted to discover the inner meanings of what this thing we call civilization is really based on. The final conclusion that PAO will attempt to demonstrate is that we are really a star seed society, founded as part of a divine plan that has led us down a side road for many, many millennia. Now, we have been put on a detour that will take us back to the main highway and permit us to see our true place in the galaxy. Our time of quarantine is just about over. The means to that now-hidden knowledge lies in the genetic research that permits us to see all life, and especially human life, as founded in a three-stranded DNA protein. This three-stranded protein serves as the basis for our physical existence. This important discovery allows us to see that the road back to the full integration of our spiritual and physical selves is not as distant as we would believe. The clue to this endeavor lies in a new approach to biology — quantum biology. This new form of biology sanctions the relationship between thought and body.
Quantum biology states that the energy of thought can alter body cells, change metabolism, and most importantly, transform RNA/DNA. Consciousness can now be scientifically seen to create changes in our physical reality. The most important aspect of this discovery deals with human gene structure. Geneticists have noticed in the past half-decade that humans have been using the third strand in their RNA/DNA to mutate into a more profound being. Many children born with connected three-strand DNA have some wondrous abilities. These capabilities have included the ability to be telepathic, to disappear and reappear at will (teleport), and to move an object of some weight easily across rooms. It now appears that we are changing into a much more conscious being. In addition, the number of beings modified in one way or another has increased exponentially in the last three years. Clearly, we are a species undergoing a most profound shift in our reality.
Not only have our bodies changed, but we have also become more aware of the spiritual side of our nature. This spiritual awareness has led to an increase in our study of subjects that previously seemed either too strange or too profound to undertake. This study has led humanity to an interest in Angels, UFOs and the extraterrestrial origins of all life on Earth. We seem to have a deep desire to learn how one relates to the other. Yet there seems to be an endless series of beliefs that are put forth trying to explain this aspect of human knowledge. To these beliefs, I would like to add one more caveat — think on these subjects with your heart, and not with your head. The waters of knowledge that you are now entering are based on sensation, on passion, and on the truth of your intuitive soul. It is a most profound shift for our present civilization. One reality is being squeezed into making another, in a very short time. For our planet is now on the verge of a transfer into a new fourth-dimensional reality. This reality will lead us into learning more about ourselves than we have ever thought possible.  

World Oneness Day Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is World Oneness Day in case you aren’t aware of it and wish to add your energy to it you can Google it and join the event. New age speakers of many varieties all day long . Check it out and pick the speakers that attract you. Oneness is what we are all a part of whether we realize it or not. We are a part of the Divine Matrix playing with limited consciousness, on the way toward awareness of our expanding conscious. As we expand our conscious awareness and understanding of our inner Divinity and universal oneness, our power to manifest expands accordingly. As it expands within, our influence in creating the future world we chose to visualize becomes stronger and stronger. Remember the responsibility to add our vision to the world we want to come back to is ours to accept and work at. Lets just do it, I’ll bet you have some good ideas about a better world, plant some seeds. Here is the weekly update from The Ascended Masters.
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in joy and feel blessed by Heaven to be able to explain a few vital subjects to you now! To start, let us briefly discuss the divine timing of your Ascension. We have been those of such grand moral focus that each of us was given a special dispensation to allow us to attain the gift of full consciousness in a few lifetimes. We have literally “gone back to school” and been taught how we are to supervise and guide humanity. This great responsibility is something we have each cherished over the centuries and millennia as we led you to the very brink of your ascension in this lifetime. Events are shortly to happen that provide a transition between this time and the one where Heaven’s Light can truly shine brightly. Take this precious time to dedicate yourself to the transformations that are needed. We intend to give you instructions to ease your mind on this vital subject!
The blessed realms possess a wisdom that goes far beyond the thoughts of this reality. It is most important to let go of the things that bind you to this world. Look inside and allow your many fears to subside and exit your mind. What will be left is a direct connection to your “I am Presence.” Learn to converse with your true self-who you really are. It is brave, wise and able to live within the moral truths given us by Heaven. Learn to embody what you learn. Become one who can focus within this wisdom and manifest what you really desire. As you do this, you are raising your life vibrations and encompassing who you are. In this world, such focus is frequently discouraged by school, work and by beliefs that often run counter to the ones you are so steadfastly acquiring. In this Light, you are free, and soon this is to be the way of this reality!
Be ever mindful of what you are becoming. Focus of intention is vital to what you are doing. You are readying yourselves with our blessings for a life in full consciousness. You are to be an Angel of this physical plane and to dutifully serve the glorious Light of the Creator! Many souls are trapped in circumstances that require your blessings, service and wisdom. You will use your divine talents to heal, to encourage and to direct those under your tutelage. This sacred set of interactions requires some degree of training and experience. You are to be a most magnificent group of physical Angels. Hence, Heaven expects much of you. We come to teach, to guide and to prepare you for the grand missions to be given you by your heavenly administrators! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Today, we continued our messages! The time approaches for a great change in this reality. It is time to transform the pain and suffering into joy, peace and prosperity! The dark cabal has had time to change gracefully and failed. A new day is dawning that will bring in a graceful epoch for humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Existence doesn’t create anything

Why are some lives more difficult than others? Why do some of us seem to  attract huge problems and others seem to attract much smaller one? First of all if and when you decide to see your life through your Spiritual Eyes, there aren’t any problems, only opportunities for inner growth and development of the use of our inner power and conscious awareness. There is a built in value in everything. Existence doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have value that’s part of the challenge. To find the value, the win in every thing. If you don’t find the win, you’ll have to do it over again. It’s there but we may have to look intently to find it. Here is an interesting channeling about Chaos.
Chaos is what things are built out of, you see.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
Many of you have seen and commented on the full moon over the past few days. We would comment on the greater aspects of the alignments that are now occurring, if we may.
There are ‘goings on’ as you would say. There are cardinal thises and grand thats. There is a marvelous comet. And you see things zipping and zooming around in your skies almost whenever you choose to look. Culmination is the word we would choose. You are approaching a wonderful culmination of intersecting and interwoven possibilities.
As your awareness and consciousness rises, the manifestation of the world you have determined to live in begins to appear, to gel, to ‘get real’ as you would say. At the same time, your knowledge and perceptions of the world as you know it, as you knew it, are coming forth for you to wave good-bye to. And so you seem to be living in total chaos at times.
Are we describing well that which you are experiencing? And it is accelerating also. We spoke a while ago of a snowball effect. We have mentioned a tipping point and other mental images, as well. Nice pictures, yes? But something a bit different when they are being lived through.
So here is the point we are getting to. You have spent some little time learning to ground yourselves, learning to center yourselves, and learning to live in your hearts. You have spent much time, as well, building in your minds the sort of world you wished for you and your loved ones to live in. It is time now to focus on those things to the very best of your abilities and to pay as little attention as possible to the chaos.
Chaos is what things are built out of, you see. Just picture the chaotic piles of materials on any new building site. That mess is the new and beautiful high-rise building that the architect has on his drawing board, the one that he sold to his clients. It’s just a bit hard to recognize it at this point.
So that is what you are seeing around you now. It should not be unexpected and it should not distract you from your purpose. Know this, however. The ones who love and wish to hang on the status quo will do everything to distract you if they can. So come together if you can. Support each other. If you are physically not able to do so, come together with us. Well, do that anyway. Let’s be one in our focus and determination to see this through, one love, one focus, one purpose.
We began by speaking of what is going on in your heavens. It is the universe’s support for you. Do not let the sellers of fear tell you any different.
With much love, we wish you good day.

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