Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Marshmallow Message


Actual guides are just like you…they exist on both sides of the veil. You’re a group, and so are they. They’re part of your spiritual makeup, but their energy can change daily, if that’s how often you change your vibration. Think of them as a helper energy group that is as much you as your Higher Self is you. The real you is angelic. It’s interdimensional and infinite. It’s a piece of God. 


If you’re still confused, it’s time to relax and know that you’re never alone. Sometimes it’s okay to just know how things are without having to understand all the mechanics of them. Does it bother you to step on the accelerator in your vehicle and not know the inner working of the automatic transmission that’s allowing for the transfer of engine power to the wheels? The answer is obvious. Just drive the car…you have places to go! 

~ KRYON through Lee Carroll 

From Kryon Book 10 : A New Dispensation

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