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One of our biggest problems is Impatience. If our intention is to change an old habit, or what ever, we work at it for a while and if it doesn’t happen the way we want it to pretty soon, we have a tendency to start doubting and give up. Our belief system kicks in and we go into low self esteem games for example, I guess I didn’t do it right etc. It takes from 30 to 90 days of consistent and persevering intention to make any lasting change we may seek, we have to work at it until we convince our cells, our self that we mean it. Here is the way Yehuda Berg expresses this problem.
September 15th – September 21st, 2013
Some days it is so clear how we can improve our quality of life, and we are ready to tackle it! It’s during these moments that we sign up for the gym, start a new diet, make our “To Do” lists, or schedule time in the evenings for something productive. How is it possible that we go from these moments of determination and willpower to gym cards that never get used, healthy food rotting in our fridge, “To Do” list without any check marks, and evenings spent just zoning out in front of the TV? 
Change is a process, and one that requires a great deal of endurance. 
Seeing what we need to change is the first part of that process. The second part is to commit to that change. It’s during this time that we receive an initial boost of energy. We feel empowered, we see all that we are capable of, and we feel on top of the world.
The third part of the process is: The Big Test. And it’s here unfortunately that most of us surrender. 
For change to be real, we have to be tested. If we stick with it in the moments we don’t feel like it, that’s when true transformation occurs. It happens when we really want to sleep in but instead we get up and go to the gym, or when we feel like procrastinating but decide to check off just one more thing on that To Do list. These are the moments that the energy you felt in the beginning will return to you even stronger than it was before. With every hurdle you choose to jump over, you will invite that much more joy into your life. 
Great accomplishments are born of enduring efforts. 
It’s in the moments we most feel like giving up that we can manifest miracles in our lives if we just hold on.

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