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Why limit ourselves?

Why limit ourselves?
Our biggest limiting factor in our life is our ‘Belief System’ what we believe is true about our self and our world. We literately live down to what we believe to be true. This Belief System that we feel we are a victim to was created by us in the first 7 years of our life. From conception to around 6 1/2 we use our energy instinctively to survive and we justify what we feel about our experiences with self blame. What we get from our environment is never the problem, the problem is what we wanted and didn’t get. As a child we never blame others, to us it’s always something missing in me that is causing these limitations. WE think that something is wrong with me and most of us spend the rest of our life trying to over come it, trying to perfect what we believe is necessary for others to love us the way we’ve always wanted them to. There isn’t anything wrong with any of us, we are what we wanted to be as our Spiritual Challenge of Conscious Awareness which is “Self acceptance ‘AS IS’. When I’M O.K.
You’re O.K. Existence doesn’t make mistakes, we can’t be wrong. Different absolutely by choice. Change your beliefs, change your life.
It’s that easy, Just do it. 

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